NEC e373

NEC e373

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  • nicke

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2008Actually all the japanese do is copy from other people then... moreyes, almost all phones outside out of japan has NFC, Oneseg and GPS.... not

  • Anonymous

Actually all the japanese do is copy from other people then advertise better and everyone thinks they came up with it. There not as technologically advanced as they make out.

  • simon

Nec dont make amazing phones they make half an amazing phone then forget to add the rest of the features,its all good and well saying without the japanese we wouldnt have half the features we have but if they put all the features they have on one phone no one would buy their other cannot look down the list of phones on this site and say even one phone is anything above average you may of bought an nec phone and need to justify your purchase but sorry you need a reality check.

  • Edwin

where to get a manual in English for this mobile? I bough mime in Italy but the manual is in only Italian.

  • Anonymous

Andres is right NEC makes amazing phones, they always have quality on their mind. Simon those so called lazy people that made this phone, are from Japan, Im not sure if you know, but if it wasnt for those lazy people then the wireless industry would not even be close to where it is today, and we probably would not even have 3g and HSDPA. You should really take a look at what they have done in the wireless world before making comments.

  • simon

andres if the newest and best phones come from japan then this effort is way off the mark,just because nec sell alot of phones in japan doesnt make them good,how long is it since nec gave europe a decent well featured phone im not sure if you meant nec couldnt care less about the market outside japan or not but if they couldnt they can stick this this pile of crap up their land of the rising sun and if the do care about people outside of japan then they have a very poor way of showing it,either way this phone is still VERY lazily designed so you can tell me to shut up again if you like but being 3 years old its probably past your bed time now.

  • keita

quick trivia ^_^

the reason y thisphone doesn't have a memory cad is bec of the services in japan where u can keep files, datas in an online storage so that's why it doesn't have ^_^

and another thing, they don't use their phones the way we do, digicams in japan are super cheap, mp3 players are free! and so on, get the point?

  • Andres

Not lazy at all. NEC phones are the best selling phone inside Japan. It should be noted that Japanese manufacturers could care lesss about the non-Japanese market. For exampl Sony cell phones in Japan and Sony-Ericsson phones outside Japanan are TOTALLY different and the newest/best phones are always in Japan. NEC is making a strong play to break into the international market and should be applauded for their effort, (as it always benefits consumers) but since their phones are the BEST SELLING phones in Japan for DoCoMo and other makers it would be unreasonable to expect them to do anything else. so...shutup.

  • Anonymous

Quite good looking phone, somehow NEC lack features where one doesn't compliment the other. Example: With camera but no extension slot. Wasted

  • Anis

card slot ands it's good and cute phone

  • simon

rubbish effort go back to the drawing board and come back with something a bit more inventive,lazy phone made by lazy people.