NEC e616

NEC e616

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  • A Salesperson
  • 16 Feb 2004

this looks as though its gonna be a great phone and going by the enquiries an even better seller!! but please we dont know the price or when its coming so give us a break!!

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    • Anonymous
    • 12 Jan 2004

    I hope this phone can be bought in Europe

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      • Anonymous
      • 30 Oct 2003

      In north Italy it's already on sale for about 645,00 Euro. I would wait until Christmas offers, surely the price would slim down a bit...

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        • Anonymous
        • 28 Oct 2003

        SE Z1010 has alot more standby time, as well...

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          • Anonymous
          • 28 Oct 2003

          (Standby times) - Talk time: 110 minutes; Video Call time: 72 minutes; Stdby: 120 hours; Battery: Li-Ion 780 mAh. (Video calls): to webcams or videomobiles in QCIF format, 176x144 pixels. External display is monochrome (not 4096) at 30x120 pixels. It also has a built-in handsfree (obviously) that was not specified here.

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            • Steve
            • 26 Oct 2003

            I was told by a 3 Rep. should be here by end of Nov. if not before. I here some critisms, but the fact is there be nothing better than this on 3 until well into the New Year !!!

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              • Mark
              • 23 Oct 2003

              please send me information and details on the e616.

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                • Malak Chaudhry
                • 20 Oct 2003

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                  • nickel
                  • 12 Oct 2003

                  the sony ericsson z1010 seems like it'll be a lot better than this phone. its smaller and lighter as well.

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                    • tony
                    • 08 Oct 2003

                    looks good but keep getting people asking when they are due out how annoying!!!!

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                      • Oliver H-J
                      • 08 Oct 2003

                      If you compare the battery life on this phone with the original phone (606), it is EVEN WORSE. How is it possible for NEC to manufacture a battery with even SH**ER life?!?!? As one of the original 3 customers, I have been waiting for this phone for months, mainly for the battery life improvement, and have been promised by 3 that the battery life "will be at least twice as long" Please tell me this is a typing error!!!!

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                        • Khoo Hock Leong
                        • 06 Oct 2003

                        Can I know what is the price?

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                          • Allan B
                          • 02 Oct 2003

                          heard a lot in shops about it, but i will be buggered if i can find any detail on this phone or pics or websites.. nec thenselves don't even mention it. any info, please let me know as i would like 2 asap on the 'three' network in the Uk

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                            • vin
                            • 01 Oct 2003

                            y izzit so BIG in size?? hmmm...