NEC N400i

NEC N400i

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  • pensiveten

simon, 14 Nov 2007I like the product,most especially the function that is on it.Pl... morehello
how are you please? am Daniel am from Ghana and I stay at city called Kumasi in Ashanti Region . am still using NEC mobile phone and it's very good for everybody .
but my problem is I can not browse from my phone nor play games too please kindly I will be happy if you can help me to solve my problem!!!because this NEC phone have a brighter picture background and ringing tones.

  • onel

Can somebody please tell me how to activate i-mode, gprs, and download java games in this phone model N400i.

  • sean

how can i get onemore i realy need one my email

  • Mazhar

Hobbel, 18 Feb 2005Were can i find the related software? (for using a infrared port)how i detect this phone with PC

  • simon

I like the product,most especially the function that is on it.Please i want you to give me information on how to use the phone as in the function i.e how to activate the GPRS,MMS,EMAIL and infrared recieve.In short i need every information about the phone.I will be looking forward to hear from you sooner.THANKS.

  • chibuike

i like Nec nproduct.But the problem i have with my own now is that the i-mode and the java game is existing.And i hve try all i can to see that i will make it possible .Still not poosible. so si hve hve to inform you people to give me some information on how to use it.

  • Dele

Great pictures and videos, NEC 400i promises many things. Can somebody please tell me how to activate i-mode, gprs, and download java games in this phone model N400i. This is the only disappointment. Thanks

  • felix otiekolo - Ric

The phone is very nice but I want to be able to add memory card to it so as to be able to record for hours. Also the charger that came with it got bunt in an inferno so I am finding it dificult to charge with a desc top charger. How do i solve these problems.


  • Raoul

IR is situated near second LCD beetwen him & flash. Is in the black part near 2nd LCd

  • mishu

I don't find where is the infrared port
could you tell me the position

  • Raoul

where can I get a soft for N400i?? I need to resoft my phone becouse is restarting... Pls help me! Email me to

  • ryan rey

if ther somebody know how to activate i-mode, gprs, how to download java games in this phone model N400i.Please help me how to activate the i-mode, gprs, mms, and download java games,in my phone N400i. thank you very much.

  • vano

how i can daunload same videos pikchers and ringtons.

  • klaukje

I had to go through a lot of trouble to get the datacable and software .... (but maybe that was due to the telephone shop). I just cannot get the software installed. You are told to ignore the warnings about non-compatiblity, which I did, but still the pc keeps telling me there is no phone to be found; I tried about ten times now and am about to give up. It's just that it seems a much better way -instead of sending myself emails- to get those pictures on the pc!!!Anybody similar experiences?

  • yusuf

the phone nec n400i is not so good i only wnt nec to prodice may be n500ie for me and i want such thing like bluetooth,cool ringtone and original infrared port so as to enjoy it give me all oppose on my e mail manager necphones

  • Nick Chen

I found this phone at E3 in Los Angeles couple years back. But I dont have a head set or a data cable. can someone email me somewhere I can get them online?

  • TOMI

I have the same mobile Nec400i and I have a problem. I want to have a new software. How can I get a new software?

Can you help me?

  • gunbee

great phone! Loike it very much.... could be better with Bluetooth and/or USB... Tones are not fashionable and if you want to have new tones you'll find it nowhere. Not much popular in EU countries but in Japan wow!!! German service provider E-Plus offer this phone for only 99 with prepaid card!!! Hurry up!!!

  • Chris

This phone lack a decent ringtone! You can't upload any because the IRDA will work only for pictures and contacts! No ringtones. This is ridiculous. Drop this one!


this phone isn't so nice

it has so many problems than feuters