NEC N500i

NEC N500i

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  • shankar
  • 2TH
  • 18 Jul 2009

can anyone tell me how to unlock my nec N5ooi which does not support Indian sim cards?

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    • Anonymous
    • jLB
    • 07 Nov 2008

    anu, 28 Sep 2008how i can set mp3 as ring toneWhy does,NecN500i was not allow to receive MEGAL BITE.&game.

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      • anu
      • uWE
      • 28 Sep 2008

      DANO 2009, 02 Aug 2008how can i difined an mp3 music as ringtone ???????????????????how i can set mp3 as ring tone

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        • DANO 2009
        • fty
        • 02 Aug 2008

        how can i difined an mp3 music as ringtone ???????????????????

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          • Costin
          • 0nY
          • 25 Apr 2007

          i like the photos it takes, i'm happy with the quality (and a i frequently use VGA640x480 size)
          i don't like 1 MB limit transfer with bluetooth ,
          i can accept the 6 MB limit USB transfer
          and i hate that thing at phones with MP3s if you can't use them as ring tones..
          although i like the normal size jack of the headphones because you can get to an AUX , preAMPLifier, etcetera ..
          coming soon .. i will compare it with Samsung S501i i think :-h See you in 2 weeks or so :)

            • p
            • paul anthony
            • MP}
            • 14 Dec 2006

            Bao I suggest you read the manual. you can receive files via bluetooth you just need to put the phone into receive mode

              • B
              • Bao
              • m81
              • 13 Nov 2006

              The bluetooth is only for headsets. I could never receive any file from another phone. I can send files to other phones though !

                • B
                • Bao
                • m81
                • 13 Nov 2006

                For live pics of the phone, check this French blog about imode and Japanese phones :

                  • p
                  • paul anthony
                  • Suw
                  • 12 May 2006

                  any bluetooth headset. for simple handsfree you need NEC type

                    • s
                    • slim
                    • mAT
                    • 10 May 2006

                    what kind of headset does this nec work with? does it work with an universal one or does it only work with its own model for example like the sony ericsson k700i?

                      • V
                      • Vivek
                      • P%0
                      • 02 Apr 2006

                      Does anyone know where i can find live pics or a comprehensive review of this phone?

                        • p
                        • paul anthony
                        • MP}
                        • 21 Mar 2006

                        This phone has the full bluetooth. It can do data transfer etc. it has been in the French market for 6 months targeting i-mode edge.

                          • b
                          • blah blah
                          • pYJ
                          • 21 Mar 2006

                          Like the NEC411i, does this phone only let you connect to bluetooth headsets? Or will it allow you to connect to bluetooth phones as well???????????????????????????????????

                            • o
                            • oidfgosoiuhnuion
                            • iIR
                            • 16 Mar 2006

                            almost the same as NEC 433i in looks, same 1.3mp camera and rubbish memory, nahah

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                              • JUDAH
                              • xT3
                              • 01 Mar 2006

                              I have this phone and I was using it for the last 6 Months. Great RF communication and audio. Battery life is also good. I used it in AT&T /Cinguar services. There are pockets of 850 Mhz that this units does not operate since it is only 900, 1800 and 1900. No matter what do not drop it. A small drop the plastic is very soft.

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                                • siomak
                                • ni1
                                • 21 Feb 2006

                                its look normaly