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Are the Colours as vivid as the motorola E398?

  • Confused

I mean its features are good, but even k700i has full bluetooth. Why would phones with better features like gx32 or above have limited bluetooth? Cut costs?

  • Confused

ON some sites, they say this phone is only tri-band, while this site says its quad-band, can anyone verify? Mp3 ringtone? Part ringtone with music cutter or the whole song? Is it definite that bluetooth is like GX32? If so, I'm really disappointed.

  • DavyJ

meh the d500 cam is alright it is very very misty tho wich effects the sharpness of the pictures.....

  • Joe

Not once have I ever tried to compare the quality of digital cameras to phone cameras.

I just think it's absurd that CMOS sensors are being so negatively described here. If you just take a look at the posts by DavyJ down here, he's basically saying that CMOS = shit, just because it's CMOS.

So I just took the example with the Nikon digital camera to show that: If even high end cameras use CMOS sensors and are able to take pictures for professional use with them, why shouldn't phone cameras use CMOS as well? Take the D500, it takes excellent pictures, every review I've read agrees that the quality is easily comparable to S700, which uses a CCD (read or the official review here on this site).

Saying CCD is better than CMOS just because it's a CCD, without actually judging the quality of the sensors, is just plain stubborness and lack of logic.

  • Joe

To unknown:
Jesus Christ, can you at least read everything I wrote before you start making smartass comments like that?

I stated clearly that my point wasn't to compare a $5000 highend camera with a cameraphone, but to point out that a CCD sensor isn't better than all the other CMOS sensors out there just because it's a CCD! My point was that a high quality CMOS can be as good or better than a CCD sensor.

  • Anonymous

but anyways, whatever it is, purchasing a phone is all about personal preferences. You buy it coz you like it and you think it's good. So, it doesn't matter what people say. Both M900 and NEC has their own advatanges and it's up to you which one you prefer. Whether CMOS or CCD (although I still think CCD is better), they are of no match for real cameras and that's a fact. If wanna take pictures, get a real camera.

  • Anonymous

no one is saying m900's CCD sensor is a match for high end cameras of course. LOLZ. Of course a phone's camera is no match when you compare it with a real camera. If you really want clear pictures, buy a digital camera or whatever. Just my opinion. As far as phone cameras are concerned, CCD is still better when it comes to quality. Tried and true. My opinion

  • Joe

It used to be the general opinion that CCD is better than CMOS, but as far as consumer electronics go, that's more or less a truth of the past. With recent improvements in CMOS sensors, more and more manufacturers are switching over to CMOS sensors in high-end cameras and mobile phones. Even Sony, one of the biggest CCD players in the market, is now going over to use CMOS in their mobile phone cameras.

To put things a bit on the extreme, you think your tiny puny CCD sensor in your M900 is any match at all for the Nikon D2X's CMOS sensor? Of course not! Now, before you run off and scream "That's because the Nikon costs $5000!!!", here's my point: CCD sensors are in theory better than CMOS sensors with a number of advantages. But the problem with CCD sensors, is that they are relatively big, much more complex to produce, and they are much more expensive to manufacture. So, using the amount of money, the chances are that you'll get a CMOS sensor just as good or better than a CCD for the same price. So your point of saying that your M900 is better than the N840 just because the M900 uses a CCD sensor, is really not valid at all, and I hope someday you can get that in your head.

As I've said before to the others here, please ignore biased opinions and judge the quality for yourselves if possible.

(And here's MY opinion of the M900: The pictures it takes look "sharp and crisp" as DavyJ puts it, but that's only because the M900 uses a filter which increases the contrast and sharpens the edges, giving all the pictures a typical Photoshop-touched up look to them. And that's why I think the S700, GX30 and N840 look better than the M900, because they all look much more natural. But hey, that's MY opinion, you are free to investigate and compare for yourselves.)

  • Anonymous

it's true that CCD is alittle better than CMOS. CCD is more sensitive to light than CMOS. CCD is being used in laptop, high end cameras. Especially Fuji's 3rd generation CCD. It's definitely good.

  • DavyJ

well thanks for that, considering it is a fact the cmos is not as good as a ccd espicialy a super ccd fujinon censor that is in the m900..... cmos gives a lower picture quaility .

CCD is better then CMOS and the point i am trying to get at if you are getting a new phone and you want picture quality then M900 is the way to go, if you dont like mitsubishi then the Sharp 902 is the way to go or if you just like NEC this is also a great phone i have personal use with it but the cam just is not as good :(

  • Joe

DavyJ, grow up! Can you stop telling lies about the N840!?

"and on huge reason the m900 cam is better is because its not lousy CMOS like this is..... thats why even tho this is a true 2mp a ccd interpolated 2mp will be better resoulution!"

"have you looked at the samples the cam on this phone is a CMOS like the worst......even tho it is 2MP"

You have no idea what you are talking about!

CMOS or CCD, it's about the quality of the sensor. Many high end cameras from Canon and Nikon which cost around $1500 US Dollars use CMOS. Take the Nikon D2X for example, which costs $5000, also uses CMOS. So your statements about the "lousy CMOS" which the N840 uses are just 100% bullshit.

A good CMOS sensor can take just as good or even better pictures than CCD sensors. CMOS also has the benefit of being less battery-consuming, and they tend to take better pictures with less noise when the lighting is not so good.

To all the other readers out there, please ignore DavyJ. Pictures taken with the N840 are excellent. He is just throwing dirt at other phones just because he bought the M900 himself. I'm not saying the N840 is the perfect phone or anything, but I don't like people saying unfounded things about it either.

(And please note that I currently own a Samsung E700, and I am neither planning to buy the N840 OR the M900. I'm only defending the N840 here because I hate biased opinions from people who want to present them as facts)

  • DavyJ

its also like would you like to have a watch to tell time, a watch with a timer, and a watch that has a you want it all in one

  • DavyJ

Cuz i dont want to carry a mp3 player a camera and cell so i want the best all in one??? dosent that make sense>?

  • Anonymous

C'mon people. Don't really understand what the fued is about camera phones these days. If you like the phone then buy it. Why spend so much on the best camera phone when you could get a cheap 3-4mp camera that beats any phone. The bluetooth for this phone concerns me more.

  • DavyJ

Hahahhahaa that is so funny like anyone is going to pay 850bucks for this phone.... the cam is a CMOS come on this phone should be like 500 bucks at the most!


have you looked at the samples the cam on this phone is a CMOS like the worst......even tho it is 2MP

  • Anonymous

1.3MP is 1.3MP interpolated or not, it ain't going to give you 2MP true resolution. just a sales pitch!

  • davyj

well i am sorry we arguing over the cam but in the end the cam is what makes it work so much.... it is the biggest feature. and the menus are equaly as slow as m900, if you keep lots of free space on m900 main space(15mb) it will not be slow! and the sms will become slow if you have to many sms stored! m900 rocks!

  • dodo

should you guys not be arguing about the FEATURES of the phone rather than the camera? i mean, what about speaker clarity or signal reception? how about navigating the menu system, is it fast/slow? i read that the m900 menu is slow and can get annoying at times. how about commenting on the REAL issues here. it's only 1 feature on a phone! why scream and shout about 1 feature when the main use of the handset is to take PHONE CALLS. i can guarantee you'll be using the phone to take calls rather than use the camera every bleeding minute. get a grip you guys