NEC N938

NEC N938

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  • j
  • josh
  • wYI
  • 20 Apr 2010

well for me its no practical, physically same as samsung f480,but for me f480 is the best than n938, my friend had this one and he sold it, because cam is too low, unlike f480. f480 has 5MP cam and it's so clear its like have a digital camera and mobile in think first this is only my opinion...but still the decision is yours.

    • H
    • HARACE
    • PS6
    • 13 Apr 2010

    i have 1 Nec N938 but the cager not sold in kuala lumpur MALAYSIA

      • j
      • jazz
      • 98q
      • 16 Sep 2009

      i love this phone but i dont if we have this kind of phone here,,,,
      but i have n908..
      but i love this one

        • D
        • Datagirl
        • PvW
        • 14 Jul 2008

        This phone is simple and nice and I totally liked it!!! people are so mean,they listen to other people's view points and don't have any of their own

          • s
          • simon
          • 0gD
          • 05 Jun 2007

          i like that fon man ,but that girl is cute too cute little fon

            • l
            • look below
            • P@P
            • 06 Aug 2006

            iPOD instead of a mobile phone(with Camera)!!! LOL Touch Screen iPOD man? Made in MARS .... might be. LOL(2)

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • PqG
              • 03 Aug 2006

              I rather get an iPod

                • r
                • ron
                • myx
                • 01 Aug 2006

                going to get one, but does anyone know if you need to use handsfree to make phonecall?

                  • Z
                  • Zoha_BD
                  • PS8
                  • 09 Jul 2006

                  i just dont know why some people blamed this phone ! either they havent seen or used. the worst psychological thing is their view about this phone MUST hurt Art Loving People. i would like to ask these peole to make an equivalant desine like this phone. Never hurt people in this way & Never crit. this type of RARE Art as u r not an Artist.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • PS8
                    • 09 Jul 2006

                    ppl are wrong about this phone, they shoud have used it before. they comments were so bad, ppl have the only option to crit. the battery power duration, not the memory or price. plz, be polite about this phone. its cute & simple ! a bit rare also.

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • PS8
                      • 09 Jul 2006

                      i have seen this phone, i loved it. its slim. touch screen use. wonderful design, but u have to understand the wonder in simplysity, AHA ! NEC is GR8!!!!

                        • K
                        • Kelly Raymond
                        • N7$
                        • 18 Jun 2006

                        I just dont like anything about this Phone... What can you do with it's 2mb when there is all to get from a Motorola A1000. I would waste my ca$h on this.
                        Bet me.

                          • l
                          • linuxx
                          • nxv
                          • 15 Jun 2006

                          what's the purpose of making (or buying) this phone??? It has large display touchscreen(greeeat)...but what am I going to watch on it??..2MB of shared memory and no card slot...hmm..let's see...200 contacs, some calendar entries, a few .mid ringtones.. and that leaves me with the opportunity to save..1 or 2 photos? Just great..

                            • b
                            • brett
                            • UiS
                            • 04 Apr 2006

                            it has a touchscreen guys, what more can you ask for in a phone!

                              • H
                              • Harley
                              • AeB
                              • 14 Mar 2006

                              no keys how dumb, only 2MB memory & VGA camera no video rec...(wheres the Megapixels) Come on NEC this phone not even worth making (anyone agree) This phone will wont 2 be cheap to suit its design & features!!!

                                • m
                                • mike
                                • mX8
                                • 06 Feb 2006

                                if this phone came out in 2002 then it will be a great phone but there aint no features what a shame it aint lookig simple either. if there gonna make simple none feature phones then make the dame things but without touch screen

                                  • s
                                  • shahid
                                  • PBu
                                  • 19 Jan 2006

                                  where is the memory inthis set only 2MB now dats not fair at all

                                    • m
                                    • martins
                                    • TXe
                                    • 07 Jan 2006

                                    NEC produces fine and ergonomic phones with nice build ups but the absence of some features like,downloadable ringtones,infra-red,vioce recording,limited video recording time and low antena receiver makes it difficult to buy.

                                      • k
                                      • keita
                                      • PSv
                                      • 27 Dec 2005

                                      its very entertaining what phones they create
                                      i rily pity the phones since they are criticised so much that the maker should be the one being blame at!! i rily loved phones but i hate these pipol that knows that the phones that they would released would only rot in the shelves!!!
                                      i hope that they just donate the money they're wasting to the less fortunate ones!!!!

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • P7@
                                        • 21 Dec 2005

                                        Nobody deserve it!