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Neonode N1

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  • Aimee

This phone is hideous, it crashes constantly, and my contacts, messages, and all data stored on the phone are wiped every time, making it a chore to use when I put them back on every time, you can not turn the phone off without it clearing all data.

It will constantly reject incoming phonecalls, and crash when I attempt to make outgoing calls.

The colour on the screen fades sometimes, but will come back after only a few hours, after turning the phone back on, which will of course start up previously mentioned problems.

I highly recommend not buying this phone, it has been a complete waste of time for me.

  • Barry Boodle

I would buy this phone and be happy too.
It would bring my mind, body and spirit together.
Can you connect a VHS to this??
or possibly BETA??

Mr Barry Boodle
Concerned Phone Critic.

  • Anonymous

yeah nice, do some work tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karl smith

i think this phone looks nice and if it hadinternet acess then i willbuy this phone and be happy

  • glady

the handset looks good ..... but duno much about the features and the batt life ..... to good to be true .... can anybdy advise me ,for the same .. i mite plan to by the phone ... asap

  • Anonymous

This Fone Sucks

  • AsturLoko

Hi!.I have neonode for approximately 12 hours.La truth has been that it has disappointed to me enough and I am arranged to undo to me of him. If it interests to somebody to him it puts in contact with me. I sell it by 270€. I in spain.Thanks

  • Mr Pants

One quick question.....

Can It open the stargate?

It looks promising

  • Unknown

Dear Mr. Linola Wale,

Please take your handsome amount of money, buy a ticket to Sweden, buy the N1m for yourself, and STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS. Thank you.

-GSM Arena poster

  • Anonymous

its the same phone they've just added extra components to bring it back level with the rest of the market.. well almost. 1mp camera is still pretty low quality, and still no bluetooth..

  • carl

there is a new neonode model.. N1m, mpix camera, triband, vibration

  • john

This phone was meant to be really good... however the timing is so wrong. If this phone came out when it was first design about 2-3 years ago then it would have been a great looking phone. This is how far back I know about this phone. So compare to today’s market I don’t think it can compete with the phones out now

  • Lord Puzzle

The phone is about 450-500 EUR ... and you can buy it online from their webpage
I thing that it is a great mobile phone... I really admire the guys at Neonode.
Lord Puzzle from Romania.

  • tommy

this phone is very good and is problem way not no VIBRATION,no phoyphonic ringtone and no stereo Fm, So How mach Is it ?...........

  • Oluwaseun

The phone is very good and valuable, the problem is that it doesn't have polyphonic ringtone.

  • serdar

how much is it?

  • Smogz


I have the phone since a couple of months. Its a good idea, a very intuitive and fast GUI-the touchscreen. It is great at playing mp3s and videos and surfing the web (with GPRS and support for wap yet) It also has a nice game - Eclipse. But there ar some minor´s a bit buggy, you need to restart it now and then, it does not have an alarm, the camera is not so good (hopefully it can be fixed with new SW). The worst thing is its phone-functions. Bad antenna (maybe can be improved with new SW?), not to good headphone functions (sometimes you hear the speaker-noice you hear when you turn on a mobile close to a speaker in the headphones).

So if they can improve the phone functions it will be a great phone. Right now its a great toy but not good enough for use as a work-phone.

  • parmod jain

i am trying to buy this set since last year but till date this set is not available in indian market please tell me from where i can buy this and how much is the cost of this set

  • jacques

it is a nice phone but it works like shit.
everytime system hangs! wait buying it!!!

  • yasir

from where can i find 1 and what is the price