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Neonode N1m

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  • Anonymous
  • IVP
  • 22 Dec 2011

Kate, 12 Apr 2007I am disappointed with the N1. It might look OK but doesn'... moreBuy a bigger phone that suit you, will ya. Your disadvantage is not others problem. Be wise!

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    • Kala-S
    • PIN
    • 18 Oct 2010


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      • chris
      • R55
      • 06 Apr 2009

      Wow ! my BF bought 1 for me yesterday! must says its full of style! and the function....way too cool! guys you will like it!

        • K
        • Kate
        • Ae2
        • 12 Apr 2007

        I am disappointed with the N1. It might look OK but doesn't have very many features at all. It has one ring tone which is embarrassing - looks like I'll have to download one. It is also very sensitive. I don't know how guys use this phone with biger fingers.

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          • VARU
          • ny7
          • 24 Mar 2007

          A great phone indeed.but it's missing a few important things like bluetooth and others.

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            • Anonymous
            • 2C5
            • 22 Mar 2007

            Simply the best especially once you update

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              • Damian
              • Rx5
              • 09 Mar 2007

              Great phone been using it for close to a year now no problems. One of the better phones ever released.

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                • Pol Osman
                • 2CB
                • 05 Mar 2007

                I juz got the N1m fone this morning and im already in love with it. It's such a great fone in a small casing.Too bad it haven't got the bluetooth or wi-fi.Or else it'll be super great.But overall it's a cool fone to have.Thanks neonode.

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                  • tom
                  • wg1
                  • 25 Feb 2007

                  i love this phone its so tech with i love, this is ontop of to get phones! thanks its agreat *thumbs up*

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                    • Bjorn
                    • mv8
                    • 14 Feb 2007

                    It's not fun anymore, seriosly.. the N2 became tha same phone that the N1m was.. just in another sleeker package.

                    They haven't still fulfilled their promises from when they released the N1 ..

                    This company must be one of the strangers survivors, can't understand who puts in the money that makes them survive all the time.

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                      • Bart
                      • n4W
                      • 25 Jan 2007

                      What does the HiFi means ??? is it loud and clear like Alcatel OT853 or Moto E398 ??? pls tell me :)

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                        • andreas
                        • yyq
                        • 17 Nov 2006

                        It's an awesome phone, great features and stands out from the rest. Took me a few weeks to get used to the interface, but after that it's all good. A bit overpriced tho, can't wait for N2.

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                          • maz
                          • i5B
                          • 16 Aug 2006

                          I've been following neonode ever since the n1 was announced but at the time couldn't afford to buy one (n1 or n1m). Ive started a new job and can now afford one but i keep seeing ppl say an n2 is coming out soon? is this true? if so, how soon and what will be the feature set?

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                            • david valley
                            • 4y0
                            • 08 Aug 2006

                            if you know how to use the phone correctly ..its the best phone IN THE WORLD..

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                              • mick
                              • IeZ
                              • 31 Jul 2006

                              have this phone and it was a waste of alot of money that could have easily got me a better fone for half the price, neonode is the worst company ever!

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                                • jizzi
                                • pYI
                                • 05 Feb 2006

                                great phone

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                                  • gerard
                                  • PIW
                                  • 31 Jan 2006

                                  had this phone couple of months back and just hate the sight of it..this unproductive phone cost a lot but the facilties of the phone in not there...the looks might be there but not the facilties..come on la NEONODE you want people to use your phone or just embrass it for it's looks..GIVE ME A BREAK..i gave that phone to my worst enemy that's how i hate this phone...bye and take care..pEaCe oUt..

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                                    • minhanh
                                    • ULM
                                    • 05 Jan 2006

                                    "How do you dial if you lose the pen" no pen is needed,just one finger for using

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                                      • uomo
                                      • jCQ
                                      • 02 Jan 2006

                                      This phone has been a failure and a disaster from the start. Beginning with offering features and form factor years ago that they never could back up or afford, and ending with the fact that they could not roll this phone out anywhere of importance in the world sums up the neonode 'experience'. Nno bluetooth, no wifi, no nothing. This phone might have been cutting edge five years ago, now it is nothing more than a cheap plastic relic. If I were an investor in this phone, I would have ruined the creators. They delivered a mediocre product years behind schedule. All in all, a total failure, and it should be discontinued, if it hasn't already. What a waste of consumer space.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 4TS
                                        • 24 Dec 2005

                                        How do you dial if you lose the pen