Netflix expands the list of HDR10-supported devices with the Galaxy S10 family

George, 02 March 2019

Netflix has expanded its list of supported devices to play HDR10 content to include the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e. The company's latest high-end devices join the Note8 and Note9 as well as the S9 in being able to stream shows created to adhere to that standard.

The Galaxy S10+'s HDR10+ display up close

Now, you may have noticed in promo material that the S10 trio are the first phones to support HDR10+, which isn't quite the same. Co-developed by Samsung, HDR10+ is an extension of the other standard but with capability for dynamic range allocation on a frame by frame basis, as opposed to having it fixed from the beginning of playback, thus providing better rendition in movies that have both very bright and very dark scenes.

For the time being, HDR10+ content which you can stream on your Galaxy S10 is only available on Amazon Prime Video.



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The article is correct. Samsung is one of the main players in the creation of HDR10 & HDR10+ display panels, not Qualcomm.

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  • Anonymous

I didn't know HDR+ is co-developed by Samsung, that's cool.