Netflix is experimenting with top 10 most-viewed lists in the UK

Victor, 12 May 2019

Netflix has never really been big on sharing viewership data of any kind with its users. In fact, even creators contributing to the platform have been known to complain on the matter. Worse still, even the five star rating system of old, with its limited grading potential hasn't been around since roughly the premier of a certain Netflix comedy special. But, we won’t get into any of that.

The important new development is that Netflix might actually be taking steps towards exposing statistics back to the user space. Namely, experimental top 10 most viewed lists, currently running in sort of a beta in the UK.

We only say, "sort of" here, since said lists have started popping up on the Netflix UK and Ireland Twitter account. The posts will be weekly and Twitter was even kind enough to explain how it makes the calculation.

So far we have seen Twitter lists for overall most-watched programs in April, documentaries, film, non-English language shows, reality shows and English-language TV shows. UK users should also start seeing these within Netflix apps as well at some point. And while there are no actual numbers involved, over time some educated guesses and estimations could definitely be made regarding Netflix viewer preference, as well as the success of the company's ongoing "liberal", for the lack of a better term, approach to commissioning content from a large number of creators.

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Blu Ray Players are gonna be a thing of the past reasonably soon, as the biggest manufacturers are ceasing their production. Blu Ray players are the only working DVD players being produced now, as well, so they will disappear too.

You left out Ireland, the article should say "The UK and Ireland".

DVDs are pretty convenient. I could still use it even if my WiFi is down

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