Netflix might launch a game streaming service like Stadia and Xbox Cloud

Ro, 15 July 2021

We've heard the rumors before and now a Bloomberg report confirms that Netflix is working on a game streaming service of its own. But it won't be competing the the likes of YouTube and Twitch, no. It will instead go against Google's Stadia and Xbox Cloud services that are actual gaming services.

Netflix might launch a gaming service, just like Stadia and Xbox Cloud

Just like the aforementioned services above, Netflix will let you play games on the cloud without having to own powerful hardware to do so. Then again, given the most recent Netflix hiring, Mike Verdu from EA, the company might be looking to develop in-house games. And it would make sense to some extent because the report says that the service will be available to already subscribed users.

For those of you who don't know, Mike Verdu has worked on Sims, Plants vs. Zombies, various Zynga games, Farmville and even Star Wars. This might give us a good idea of what type of games Netflix will be aiming at.

Perhaps a small bump in the price is to be expected, once the service launches, but that wouldn't boost the revenue stream all that much, which in turn means that Netflix will most likely focus more on in-house games. Third-party titles might be available but we doubt triple A titles to be offered at launch too.

Lastly, Netflix is reportedly planning to launch the service outside its Netflix app as it will likely wants to avoid Apple's Arcade and Google Stadia.



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  • Mr. Kroniks

>Competitive gamers are by far a minority in the gaming world Proofs? And even if it is so, a lot of people play with their friends or some occasional folks around the Internet in multiplayer titles like Valheim or Deep Rock Galactic, which a...

  • j

There is no input lag

  • H

Competitive gamers are by far a minority in the gaming world. Maybe they will be the only ones to stick to local gaming while everyone else moves to the cloud.

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