New 13-inch iPad Pro gets disassembled on video

Vlad, 17 May 2024

Yesterday the new 13-inch iPad Pro got put through a grueling durability test involving scratches, burns, and bends, and today we have the next logical step - a teardown video.

This time it's provided by the Phone Repair Guru YouTube channel, and if you've always wondered what's inside the thinnest device (not just the thinnest tablet) Apple's ever made, well, look no further.

This tablet is barely thicker than its USB-C port, which is a feat of engineering in itself - though let's not forget the port may be to blame for the iPad's 'performance' in the aforementioned bend test. Then again, it is very easily replaceable, so it has that going for it.

Over on the inside, the entire logic board sits in the middle surrounded by two battery packs, with two speakers at both ends. It's a way simpler internal design than you may have anticipated, Apple just ensured there's nothing else in between the batteries and the screen and back plate.

The new position of the front-facing camera array is very easy to see, it now moving to the longer side of the chassis in order to be of use when you're holding the device in landscape mode. Overall the internals are pretty similar to those in the last iPad Pro.

The batteries have pull tabs for easy removal, and there's a copper Apple logo buried way deep inside of the tablet, with that logo actually being a heatsink.


Reader comments

Apple themselves did say that the Apple logo was copper, so this isn't really new amazing info, it's just confirmation that it is indeed copper.

  • Anonymous
  • 18 May 2024
  • sXb

go ahead and watch it ?

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