New beta for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro optimizes auto-brightness, brings new security patches

Vlad, 09 July 2020

OnePlus is rolling out a new beta build for its late 2019 flagships, the 7T and 7T Pro. OxygenOS Open Beta 6 is the new release for the duo, and it brings with it the July security patch level.

Additionally, the adaptive brightness curve has been optimized, and the company promises an improved user experience when it comes to brightness changes. The Clock app gets Lap time and Split time for the Stopwatch section with a nicer UI, while in Game Space the new Moments section is where you can store gaming snapshots and screen recordings.

New beta for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro optimizes auto-brightness, brings new security patches

Plenty of bugs were fixed too, such as the abnormal color display at the top area and button of the Notes app, the issue that double tap could not wake the screen in some settings, the automatic pull-down issue with screen unlocking in ambient display, and something relating to alarm notifications.

To get this update, you obviously need to be on the Open Beta program. It's relatively easy to jump onto the beta train, but it's harder to jump off of it if you don't enjoy the experience, as that step unfortunately requires a data wipe. So this is probably best avoided by all except the most courageous out there, those who love living on the bleeding edge.

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Personally i turn that auto brightness off because Oneplus literally suck when it comes to that, and also, the issue about proximity sensor when I'm making a call (I don't know if you have this issue also) like sometimes it turn of the scre...

  • NacSwaping

For wifi 6 support if the phone does not have the hardware software can't do anything.

I literally just got my oneplus 7t 24 hours ago and set it all up and love it but I did notice the auto brightness at least 4-5 times was very off throughout the day... I do have the T-Mobile version as I got a bundle deal with case and headphone and...

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