These are the color options for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in Taiwan

Himanshu, 26 May 2017

Samsung has come up with new names for the color options for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in Taiwan. A quick look at the South Korean company's Taiwanese website reveals the following colors: ‘Ice Lake Blue,’ ‘Smoked Purple Grey,’ and ‘Quicksand Gold.’

Globally, the devices are available in the following colors: Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Maple Gold.

This shouldn't come as a surprise as company's usually perform market-specific customizations on their products to make them more relevant. For example, the Galaxy S8/S8+ have been heavily customized for the Chinese market.

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Reader comments

  • preet

True mate....i would agree to that. Unlike the UK people in Taiwan are more than willing to spend money.

  • Anonymous

I think TAIWAN for sure.

  • Anonymous

Tai market gets multiple colours. UK gets 2. Smart one there Samsung. Real smart, who has more money as consumers? UK... or Taiwan