New Galaxy Note7 leak confirms USB Type-C port

Himanshu, 02 July, 2016

While it has been rumored earlier, a new leak - which comes in the form of an image from accessory maker Olixar - has now confirmed the presence of a USB Type-C port on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note7 smartphone.

The port is located at the bottom of the handset, as is usually the case, with a loudspeaker and S-Pen slot on its one side, and a headphone jack on the other. The image also reveals that the phone will feature an iris scanner, something which has already been confirmed by a separate leak.

Coming back to the USB Type-C port, its presence will make the Note7 the first Samsung smartphone of its kind. And this would most likely result in the company releasing a new Gear VR headset given that the current headset connects to Samsung phones via microUSB.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Huawei with less than $1000 price and 64GB internal storage variant and a better camera, small dimensions and huge battery capacity.

  • AnonD-353842

I didnt liked Samsung device in past due to over unnecessary features. I own Note 5 and i love it. Let see what makes me to switch Note 7 :D

  • AnonD-353842

Dude! looks like you have no experience of latest Samsung devices LOL.

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