New HTC 10 video teaser says we should expect "the best BoomSound yet"

Vlad, 04 April, 2016

The latest HTC 10 teaser is here, ladies and gentlemen. And like one of those from last month, this is all about audio. However, this time around we're thankfully treated to more than just a cryptic image.

It's a full video teaser, this, and it expands upon the "we're obsessed" theme that we saw in the company's first ever video teaser for the HTC 10. Though obviously this obsession has everything to do with "bright, fat, crisp" sound now.

HTC promises "the highest-quality sound possible" and "flawless high fidelity on your phone", features which should be delivered by the HTC 10 through "the best BoomSound yet". These are all things that we hope HTC will be able to make good on with its next flagship device. We'll find out on April 12, when the official unveiling is going to take place.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-248589

I have a Moto X Pure, better than your mediocre M9 speakers.

  • Anonymous

wow that phone sounds amazing :) and the sound will be amazing too :D can't wait to get my hands on it

  • P

I guess there is a niche who are invested in the sound of the speakers. The only times i've seen the speakers being used is at the back of the bus where the unemployed listen to crazy frog and bieber - but those usually have iphones, so it'll be hard...