New iPhone SE is coming in early 2018, rumor says

Vlad, 04 August 2017

The iPhone SE was launched in March of last year, so by now it's gotten pretty old. Thankfully though, Apple hasn't forgotten the smallest of its smartphones and is preparing a refresh of the model. According to the latest rumor on the matter, the new iPhone SE will hit the streets in the first quarter of next year (so before the end of March) - nearly two years after its predecessor.

The revamped model is said to keep the affordability of the original, but add the A10 chipset from the iPhone 7 to the mix. The screen size should be in the 4" to 4.2" neighborhood, while storage options will be 32GB and 128GB. The handset will naturally launch running iOS 11. It will feature a 1,700 mAh battery, ever so slightly larger than the 1,624 mAh cell of the first SE.

The new iPhone SE will be made in India by Wistron, a Taiwan-based contract electronics maker. It's already assembling the first generation model in the subcontinent since May, and will add a new production line for the next generation device. The new phone will launch in India first, interestingly, spreading to other places at some later point.

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a 4.2 inch with a good screen to body ratio would be very nice

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Hope it is IP certified :-)

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Stone age antique 📞