New Lenovo Yoga tablet teased with HDMI support

Yordan, 06 May 2021

Lenovo has been teasing a new Yoga tablet on Weibo for the past few days. According to the official profile, it will come with reinvented stand mechanism and will have HDMI support, acting as a screen for gaming consoles.

Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro teasers Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro teasers Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro teasers
Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro teasers

The new stand will not be a plaque, but more like sticks from reinforced metal that would allow the tablet to stay upwards, to hang above the stove (when the customer is cooking) or just to be slightly lifted from the table.

The images also revealed support for a stylus with 4,096 pressure-sensitive levels for clearer lines during drawing. There will be one USB-C port for charging on the tubular part of the device, as well as a port, likely another USB-C, for connectivity.

If the Yoga Pad Pro really can act as a secondary screen with a simple HDMI to USB cable, it would be a great addition to laptops and other home screens in the current situation of working from home.

Lenovo hasn’t said anything about a launch date, but we expect the Yoga Pad Pro to be launched very soon, and that’s when we’ll know all the details.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Connecting nintendo switch? I don't know, the difference between the size is not really that much.

  • Hewhoreadsproperly

HDMI in guys, read the article properly! Most laptops and tablets only support HDMI out. This turns the tablet into an additional monitor for a games console or PC etc

But it's the yoga tablet, not the laptop

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