New Motorola ZN200 and W231 get official, third phone spotted at FCC

02 July, 2008

The Brazilian department of Motorola officially announced several phones, including two new headsets - the 3G slider Motorola ZN200 and Motorola W231, an entry-level music-oriented device.

Motorola ZN200

The Motorola ZN200 is a mid-range good looking phone, sporting a standard package of 2 megapixel camera, FM radio, 30MB built-in memory, that can be expanded via microSD card slot (1GB will be included in the retail package as well). Users can enjoy loud and clear talks thanks to the CrystalTalk technology.

Motorola ZN200 Motorola ZN200 Motorola ZN200
Motorola ZN200

The Motorola ZN200 will retail at $310 from September exclusively in Brazil in white and pink as well as in the classic black variation. A later release of the ZN200 for Asia, Europe and the USA is a safe bet.

Motorola W231

The other phone that saw the light today is the entry-level bar Motorola W231, which features some music oriented stuff that users will enjoy. The phone has MP3 player with hardware dedicated key of the front panel.

Motorola W231
Motorola W231

Other music oriented features include FM-transmitter and stereo FM radio, yet there is no word on whether the phone will sport a 3.5mm audio jack.

Sadly, there is no pricing or availability information for W231.

Other Motorola news

Besides the ZN200 and W231, Motorola will also release in Brazil a MotoRazr V9 Special Edition, Motozine ZN5, Z10 and other low-entry phones as W396 and W180.

While speaking of the new phones, another Motorola leak is in the spotlight. The US FCC website reveals most of the phone's features, yet its name is still unknown. We are surprised to see features such as 3G support and a built-in GPS receiver in this otherwise modestly looking phone.

Unknown Motorola phone spotted at FCC

We are looking forward to hearing more about it.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Yeah, the N76 "looks" like V3/V6...though the "quality" certainly cannot match with that of Moto. Most users of N76 soon realize (within as soon as 3 months) the paint and chrome would come off. Not to mention the "clever" flip design which can...

  • navneet pathak

it seems moto is doing somethingnow otherwise it was near the verge of collapsing in terms of market share. agreed that moto devices are better than nokia but they mist learn things or to of marketing from india and china are biggest cont...

  • Anonymous

If you post says like other brand; also Nokia same as Motorola Concept: Nokia N76 same as Motorola V3 Razr (Slim flip phone). Nokia with big external screen same as Motorola Razr 2. Nokia with external screen can read message same as Motorola M...

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