New Qualcomm SM7325 chipset to be built on the 6nm process

Yordan, 18 May 2021

The Honor 50 is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm SM7325 chipset, and for so long we heard the name Snapdragon 775G. Now another moniker has appeared online, and a leakster claims the platform will actually be called Snapdragon 778G.

He also revealed some specs that look a lot like the Snapdragon 780G, including the CPU, GPU, and connectivity features.

New Qualcomm SM7325 chipset to be built on the 6nm process

The major difference between the SM7325 and the SD778G (which is also known as SM7350 at Qualcomm) is the process technology they are built on - the new SoC is made on 6nm, while the current one is a 5nm platform.

Other than that, we expect one powerful Kryo 670 core at 2.4 GHz and Adreno 642L GPU. We don’t know what the L stands for, but it is seen also in the ISP - it will be Spectra 570L. The 5G modem is said to be Snapdragon X53, while other connectivity features will rely on the FastConnect 6700 chip.

The leakster also claims the SM7325 will support up to 100W fast charging with the Quick Charge 5 technology, which, if true, would be a first for the Snapdragon 7 series chipsets.

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What is context? For Anandtech to state that their analysis is based on a certain context means that it's not encompassing. And to end it, they were never conclusive, were they? SEEMS you couldn't comprehend what you read. Yes, go ahead and...

My hopes over what? Exynos? I've none! My beliefs over what? Exynos? I hardly ever hold beliefs as they tend to come in the way of rationality, which is evident in you and a lot of people here. I have not even owned a Samsung and Exynos phone si...

What is there to read when what they said is based on a certain context(s), and also not certain? So, why make concrete claims when there aren't concrete proofs? Only one arrogant here is you, mate.

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