New update hitting Nokia 2

Himanshu, 02 January 2018

HMD has started pushing out a new update to its Nokia 2 smartphone. Weighing in at around 90MB, it brings the December security patch

The change-log doesn't say anything else, so it's reasonable to believe that there are no other changes included in the update. Given the fact that it's an OTA roll out, it might take time for the update notification to pop up on your unit.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

If you want to get desent work phone... then Yes. This low end phone is getting more security upgrades than most midrangers and that is important!

  • AnonD-674280

Do people really buy budget phones for security ? If you seek security then you dont look budget phones. You look mid range to high end. And well for budget phones you dont buy a device for getting updates or looking for a device that specifical...

  • T

As far as Android is concerned, no amount of security updates is enough!