New update to T-Mobile LG G4 fixes e911 timer issue

Himanshu, 18 May 2017

T-Mobile has started pushing out a new update to LG G4 units on its network. As per the details mentioned on the magenta carrier's website, the update fixes the e911 timer issue as well as brings monthly security enhancements.

There's currently no information on whether or not the patch included is the latest one (for the month of May). The update bumps the software version to H81120v and weighs in at 88.7 MB. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it may take sometime for the update to hit your device.

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Reader comments

  • unknown

thats true... never buy LG again =(

  • Shujja

Strange thing.. People still have working G4's surviving bootloops??

  • Spoop

I really like the lgg4. I've been using the same one for well over two years with no issues. Im literally posting from it right now. That said I rooted it when I first got it and never update it. Maybe the updates have something to do with the bootlo...

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