HTC One (M8 Eye) won't be coming to Europe

23 October, 2014
HTC Product Manager confirms the device was designed for specific markets and won't be coming to EU.

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  • Rajesh Chowdhury

is the htc one(m8 eye) camera better than htc one(M8)?

  • Anonymous

So disappointed with HTC. Seems they hire a bunch of idiots trying to make the company situation worse and worse... 4MP camera is the only thing stopping me of buying M8. I've planned to switch from iPhone 5 to HTC M8 Eye, but since it doesn't go to Europe - shame. I'll switch to iPhone 6 then.

  • Nelson

Looks like HTC is deliberately trying not to do the right things...
I have an HTC One M8 and in my opinion, it is almost a perfect phone. The only issues for me are:
- The well discussed camera performance at daylight;
- The ON button location on top of the phone, which is a little difficult to reach when you try to handle the device with one hand.
Solving those 2 things will make a perfect phone, but when they solve one (the camera), they just decide not to sell it in Europe, and they take away two of the original One M8 features: NFC and the infra red port... Why???

  • Sid A

Apparently M8 Eye does not have IR Blaster and NFC. Apart from that, definitely a better camera. It sells for about INR 37k, while original M8 is still selling for about INR 40k. Interesting but weird....

  • AnonD-274519

Ge0kas, 23 Oct 2014We still don't have M8 32GB version in Europe !!Fortunately it does have a memory card slot.

  • koala

Would it not be possible to import from India or use in Europe?

Or is there some technical reason why this would not work?

  • Ge0kas

We still don't have M8 32GB version in Europe !!

  • Anonymous

Then my money goes to Motorola. Was waiting for this one but now I'll go for the gsm version of the droid ultra. ;)

  • lets go

AnonD-274519, 23 Oct 2014Well, the original M8 has a terribly bad camera... Other than th... moreIf it did come to the EU as soon as it became available sales of the 4MP ultra pixel would cease

HTC have launched a Windows 8 version as well with exactly the same specs

The concensus is that M8 4MP ultra pixel except for the camera is a Flagship Phone and it is that 4MP ultra pixel camera that is holding it back.­74&idPhone2=6713

  • Funmap

I have the Butterfly 2 with 13 MP duo camera and in most instances - apart from low light - it is a major improvement so definitely a pity they are not releasing it in Europe (neither of the two actually). I guess they want to sell the Desire Eye, and between this one and the M( it actually makes sense not to confuse potential buyers any more like Samsung does with tons of phones that are so similar.

  • AnonD-315011

When someone have done a mistake it's really hard to fix that.
HTC shouldn't have never made that 4Ultra again after htc one... and now he knows that M8 eye may never succeed, the reason is most of people who wanted to buy m8 bought that and now after new iphone, new note4, and new nexus 6, who want to buy this phone (especially in EU and US)???
I'm one of those who is waiting for new M9 because of reviews on camera of m8, it lost the challenge against every other flagships such as S5,G3,Z2 and only better than Moto X
maybe it's better to wait 6month for new m9, and I hope HTC won't risk another awful experience on it, m8 was almost perfect but it's camera ruined every thing...
By the way I m8 is lovely because of it's premium body, duo camera(3d focus,...), dot view, and sense 6 and also the boom sound... I hope these items will remain there in M9

  • AnonD-274519

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2014The HTC M8 price has been droping everday, from 42k Rs. it's now 37k.Well, it still costs about 650 euros in my country.

  • Anonymous

The HTC M8 price has been droping everday, from 42k Rs. it's now 37k.

  • Stan

So apparently we will have to stick to the plastic E8...

  • Anonymous

red, 23 Oct 2014May the europian dont like the modified htc m8. They change only... moreHi Red, My prediction is simply that the One-M8 didn't really sell well in India and China. Considering that Apple, Samsung & Sony dominates the hi-end smartphone market. And Apple dominates China's market too. HTC isn't really popular in India. A part of it has to do with bad aftersales, which require your device to go back to Taiwan and return after a month.
Another part is that they rarely advertise, even if they do it's through a carrier like Reliance. So a layman ends up buying a samsung or Apple because they have no idea about which is the current HTC Flagship.

However HTC has better marketing in the western markets. M8 sold quite good in US and Europe. I'm sure they're keeping their next flagship (M9) in priority for these markets.

  • AnonD-274519

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2014Yes HTC is the biggest brand in Smartphones, they popularized to... moreYou must be working for HTC.

  • AnonD-274519

BadBoy, 23 Oct 2014Do we even need it?Well, the original M8 has a terribly bad camera... Other than that, I really like my phone. All it needs is a great camera or a huge price drop to compensate the camera quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2014Hi, HTC is Big brand,? its so Good message and Süper.Yes HTC is the biggest brand in Smartphones, they popularized touchscreen smartphones back in 1998. They slowly evolved into a elite premium brand by the release of the "Touch Diamond". They're now popular for their breakthrough industrial designs.

  • red

May the europian dont like the modified htc m8. They change only the camera into 13mp then rename by eye. May europian want totally new model not a modified one.

  • AnonD-171438

why ? i love it and 13 mp camera