Motorola Droid Turbo is official with 5.2-inch QHD display

28 October, 2014
The phone has scratch-resistant metalized glass fiber body and a Kevlar-reinforced back panel.

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AnonD-259899, 30 Oct 2014GSM conditions don't apply if someone else comes up with an... moreExcept many show that it is.

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Why do I get the feeling S5 LTE-A G906S's 5.1" 1440p screen didn't get as much heat as this 5.2" 1440p? Right, 'cause that model is made "for Korea". But that's besides the point. I do think it might just become a reality for Google to release an Android firmware update/upgrade that would address issues of power-hungry consumption on 1440p screens. But what do we know? Such resolve may be posible. It's just my hunch so I'm not fretting yet. I suggest you guys do the same. If that future update ever stands on stage, at least, this phone might get to line up for the update before many others, I guess :-)

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014Even if you based it solely on the tests here you negate to... moreGSM conditions don't apply if someone else comes up with another set of fixed conditions for THEIR tests and arrive at totally different numbers that don't show the Note 4 or any phone in good light.

It depends on so many variables that cant be replicated. Best solutions are to look at every possible battery test done by people/review sties and then if you can check with those you personally know who have used the phone. This way I have come to observe the note 4 is at best no better than Note 3 so the QHD without the battery bump is a gimmick that hindered battery life progress.

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AnonD-259899, 29 Oct 2014Note 4's battery efficiency based on what? The battery test... moreEven if you based it solely on the tests here you negate to include the fact that they are still all tested under the same exact conditions.
You are making useless points to try and discredit something.

  • AnonD-246863

Wow nice Specs and Super amoled display is a wow ...
Good looks ...But price?

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014As replied to already the note 4's made great improvements ... moreNote 4's battery efficiency based on what? The battery tests here? Those are misleading because the script and videos GSM use are dated and not comparable to typical usage, look to the explanations in my previous reply.

At best for normal usage it is no better than Note 3, battery life should be progressing not going backward or staying stagnant.

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AnonD-259899, 29 Oct 2014I have the Oneplus One for example, the battery life is no ... moreWhile for sure Samsung should have added me battery it definitely bests the Note 3 and many other devices even in more real life usage

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AnonD-259899, 29 Oct 2014Technology progress should happen not just in one area wher... moreAs replied to already the note 4's made great improvements in energy efficiency.

Just because there is not a lot of content to take advantage does not mean it's not noticeable at all. Plus there have been major improvements across the board. Not just ppi.

And about the thickness of the turbo.... They are justified to question it.
And the nexus 6 for them is even worse.

For one thing they use Amoled displays. Thinner displays.
Another thing. This is 2014. That's a thick device.
Phones at 7mm have similar batteries.
This is Motorola.
Go back to the Droid Razr. That right there should explain it.

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AnonD-255443, 29 Oct 2014The Galaxy Note 3 has a 1080p screen with a 3200mah battery... moreI have the Oneplus One for example, the battery life is no where near the results these guy here posted because their script simulates usage patterns that are different to yours or mine. Their video play back times are also misleading those are SD playback times. On FHD media you wont get to within half of what they achieved.

Under typical browser usage the Note 4 doesn't even offer anything far ahead of what the Note 3 already offers because Samsung skimped on the battery.

Battery life needs to progress, not go backwards or stagnate at what it was previously.

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AnonD-259899, 29 Oct 2014Technology progress should happen not just in one area wher... moreThe Galaxy Note 3 has a 1080p screen with a 3200mah battery. The Note 4 has a 1440p screen with a 3220mah battery. The Note 4 get significantly better battery life than the Note 3, while having a noticeably sharper, clearer display (best on a smartphone right now). So where's the problem?

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Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014Because 1440p displays will be a the norm in a year to two ... moreTechnology progress should happen not just in one area where pointless PPIs don't help user experience. If OEMs bump up the PPI and resolution then do some top level R&D and push battery tech by just as much, then it makes sense.

Where is the user experience if your battery life is deteriorating or remains stagnant because a few work hard at SoC level to make improvements which goons at the display side of thing are oh so eager waste away on high PPI screens?

The meme comes to mind *they were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should*

With that regard Motorola has got it right, they beefed up the battery to 3900mAh. But now some still complain of thickness. Some people just don't know what they want apparently...

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AnonD-257478, 29 Oct 2014What a powerhouse of a phone! All that and only 7,8mm/8,3m... moreBecause 1440p displays will be a the norm in a year to two years time for premium devices, and 1080p will be the norm for budget devices, technology moves forward, not backwards. No one is forcing you to buy a 1440p screen phone.

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[deleted post]Well I actually do speak/write because of my experience. The Note 3 carries a 3200 mAh battery, while the LG G3 has a 3000 battery. Despite having a bigger display, the Note 3 (doesn't matter if exynos or qualcomm's processor) lasts longer for a couple of hours, depite even having a less energy sufficient processor (snapdragon 800 Vs 801) - because of the slightly less precise display.

I'm definitely not brainwashed by the spec-propaganda, and I surely know that other things are more important than monstrous specs.

Believe me, the better and the energy sufficient the processors get, it still matters the most what kind of screen your phone got. I certainly won't ever buy a 1440p phone, because that's just a marketing feature, it definitelly doesn't improve the experience.
I'll always choose a 1080p super amoled screen because it's as good as a 1440p screeen but uses less energy.

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AnonD-299124, 29 Oct 2014qHD? Dumbest feature ever.Yeah ur right ,
qHD (560X940) is dumb now but samesung still follows this dumb , just mail them to stop that dumb ,

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[deleted post]You don't understand what you preach

1) Higher MP does equal better resolved details if the pixel sizes are large enough, which would mean for every MPix increase the sensor size increases. The problem today is that smartphone sensors are kept too tiny.

2) "High MPix sensor means twice the battery drain" nope Wrong. Just like regular SoCs if the process node is smaller it consumes lesser power for the higher capabilities.

3) "Double RAM = Double speed" again you think it's a myth, but with 64bit SoC the addressable memory increase is not the only impact. The instructions on compute heavy loads can do upto twice as much than 32bit ISAs of the past per clock cycle. Not only that the higher memory comes into effect when it comes to dealing with larger data sets for the cores to process at a much faster speeds.

4) "Quad core is faster than dual core" yup and again it's not a myth like you think, TLP always wins out over ILP for today's workloads. And programming models are easier to cater to TLP than ILP. Before you scratch your head TLP (thread level parallelism) ILP (instruction level parallelism). In brief ILP is hard to attain due to frequent dependencies getting in the way on a single core. TLP is easy when you have dissimilar and unrelated workloads running across several cores with little or no dependencies.

5) Apple's need for lower specs and higher IPC per core chip is dictated by the less capable and limited OS it has. It's a "just enough" kind of OS for that ecosystem. Nothing wrong with that but Android is like what windows is for PCs, full fledged type OS with more capabilities on a mobile device. This means more complexities and the demand for more capable hardware. When you compare to different ecosystems comparing their hardware is an exercise in stupidity, different needs and different operating boundaries.

Apple propaganda is for the uninformed. Don't go around spewing that in the hope you sound abreast with the latest tech trends. Only makes you look even gullible than you probably are.

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Is is mobile release in india?

  • AnonD-257478

What a powerhouse of a phone!
All that and only 7,8mm/8,3mm thin, wow!

But again, that modern 1440p display, why???


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Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014"Dumbest feature ever." Do elaborate how QHD is ... moreBetter specs for the sake of better specs. Meaningless and pointless. Absolutely unnecessary pixel density on this size of screen. Full HD on 5.2" screen is perfect. More is just not needed. Please note this is absolutely subjective opinion - no doubt, many spec-sheet crazy people will be ecstatic over it. Common sense has become a rarity, unfortunately...

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AnonD-299124, 29 Oct 2014qHD? Dumbest feature ever.qHD isn't the same as QHD, this has a QHD display.

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AnonD-299124, 29 Oct 2014qHD? Dumbest feature ever."Dumbest feature ever."
Do elaborate how QHD is "dumb".