LG sells 16.8M smartphones in Q3, posts record profits

29 October, 2014
Phone sales went up nearly 40% compared to last year, while operating profit doubled.

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  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2014see how i played with ego .... ha ha . im doing time pass with ... moreAh I see so you admit you can't face the music after all that tough talk you did a while back. You know you wont be able to move a muscle out of fright when you face a boardroom meeting full of engineers who know their trade. Your armchair nonsense wont work there hehe. ;)

No credible source to the claims of bugs on Lollipop RTM, what you read were about the developer preview that was out for months now as 'Android L' It's a developer preview, it is expected to have many bugs that's the purpose of releasing it to the developers. It's not meant for someone like you. See? You are clueless LOL

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259899, 05 Nov 20143 Engineering excellence awards in 4 years. How many do you have... moresee how i played with ego .... ha ha .
im doing time pass with you .. u were not a LG fan and u came here to say some rubbish and you are telling about you .. also how you can make me entertain you .. im getting lot of entertainment here ..why i need to come to your company to entertain you... you and your rubbish ideas are more than enough for freescale. They may be laughing at your ideas

im not sure how you believe lolipop / google M,N,O,P ... becomes updates . Its just a buggy software demoed by google in nexus phone . see todays news also lolipop gets delayed by bugs .. samewith jellbean bluetooth not working ..what is really update here .. i read the CDD and all im not finding any new user oriented features ..

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2014still if you are not convinced ,come back telling your benefits ... more3 Engineering excellence awards in 4 years. How many do you have? Oh wait you are not an engineer... XD

Nope it's not arrogance when you bring up the topic and I respond. ;-) Don't want to be having inferior complexes? Don't bring up the topic of people being mere college students or some yada yada story. You might get schooled pretty bad that it affects your self esteem the way I have demolished your claims systematically. After all you go by the ID name "Anonymous" do you not have the spine to have a fixed name? Do you want to conceal which "anonymous" you are that got put down so badly? XD Granted everyone is anonymous on the internet but the need to still go by the handle Anonymous among the sea of 'anonymous' shows the insecurity when you launch your feeble attacks. ;)

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Anonymous, 04 Nov 2014ha ha .. the difference between you and me is ... you are living... moreAwww someone seems to be miffed by the lecture I just dished out, like I said the only one with the huge unwarranted ego is that of the armchair expert--> You. I speak from actual applied experience and knowledge that took effort and dedication to achieve. Armchair clowns don't get to do any of it because they never had the chance or their are never going to be good at it. If you have what it takes hey I can arrange for a session and we will see how much of a comic relief or convincing impact you give us in Freescale. ;-) I am betting good money on the former.

Coming back to the point of OEM UIs, I don't see one credible counter from you after I comprehensively explained with examples how all the so called useful features you claimed to find on rubbish UIs of OEMs can be done on a near stock OS like Cyanogenmod. Motorola is doing this as well.

All OEM UIs do is delay or completely negate updates because they can't be bothered about a silly thing called providing value for their customers.

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still if you are not convinced ,come back telling your benefits details and the award amount and appraisal % you are getting per year based on your high performance .

so no more google UI ( its just developer UI with no features ) :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259899, 03 Nov 2014Lol you saying people buying midrange phones because they want t... moreha ha .. the difference between you and me is ... you are living on just guessing.

- all other guys expect you are underpaid
- all people like pure android
- if OEM give pure android their update problems are solved (just go and see what is HAL layer and other customizations in android source).

and to add dont have this much ego and inferiority complex . seems you are a college graduate who got the first job some how in freescale/or you are just working in a small company with big dreams. No body will discuss about job profile, company name and salary in public forums especially when they have good company/work/salary.. just you are eager to show you are superior which is not good for your mind .. if you are good in soc design/layout/validation you show ur talent there ..this advice is for you ..so strictly no personal/professional details in forums when you dont know even a single info about others in same forum .

and coming to topic. LG did G2 and it was success the they did G3 thats also sucess(same with samsung/xiaomi ) both are not mid range phones .
So if a company is not earning anything from premium segment because of UI/update surely there are pople in marketing division and product managers to change it in next release .. they are not changing till date .
Then there is no meaning u saying here OEM UI is not good , im not getting update etc .. u r always free to choose nexus if you dont need any custom features.
Even you are n

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2014its a really bad situation to argue with people who tries to pro... more*Yawn* One quarter of record sales before which they are perpetually behind everyone else. Most of the purchases happens in the mid range. People in mainstream don't either prefer to spend much for flagships or cant afford to spend that much. They buy the mid-range phone looking at the flagship thinking they will get a similar deal on the lower cost variants. But these cheap phones are the ones that never get any update and are totally neglected. Those customers don't really a choice when they go with the mainstream phones. Only a clueless zealot will see that as people 'wanting' anything.

We'll talk when the profits are sustained for the coming quarters. Otherwise they are another HTC.

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2014sales proves who needs what ... dual tap was the most wanted fea... moreLol you saying people buying midrange phones because they want them? Then you don't even understand common economics which doesn't need a degree or special accomplishments.

Let me explain some basic economics for you, most people cant afford pure flagships, but what they base their decisions on is looking at the flagship they hope to get a similar deal on the less pricey models, the mainstream. The mainstream is where any company makes money. While the flagships get proper specs and even some sort of update even if slow from most of these OEMs, their midrange phones are lucky to get 1 update. Most of the midrange phones are ignored. Look at S3 a flahship ignored from the Kitkat update list.

Ever wondered why that is? It's because they find it too costly to update their useless UIs every-time a new OS is released. Go stock and all the problems are solved, OEMs can learned from Motorola.

You keep talking about tap-to-wake like a kindergarten kid. LOL that's already on the Oneplus One thanks to Cyanogenmod. Again without any fancy rubbuish UI. ;-)

SOC design is beyond your mind so no use trying to debate on that. Freescale pays me north of 90k USD a year + many other benifits while you maybe getting 1/3 of that if you're lucky ;) (doubtful). Go on let's hear what you do for a living better yet instead of being a paid or unpaid fanboy of some company that doesn't even know you or care about you, how about you come down to California I'll talk to my manager to have special session with the armchair know it all to give us better directions on how to do SOC designs =)) But all jokes aside chances are you will be shown to the janitorial dept but I doubt you would have a chance even there because that fanboy ego of yours is too big to fit any company in any dept.

  • Anonymous

its a really bad situation to argue with people who tries to prove OEM UI is not useful that too in a thread which shows 16.8 M phones sale in a quarter with customized UI . How can a person believe he is above 16.8Million people (dont even consider full year sales).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259899, 30 Oct 2014You don't know anything about android development that much is c... moresales proves who needs what ... dual tap was the most wanted feature and sony,htc,1+1,adapted that ..

we all know whats sales for motorola and sony(minimum UI) .. compared to heavily customized ui of LG ,samsung, ziaomi ..(go read PA( most wanted features from OEM UI)

u just concentrate in your SOC development(now i know why freescale in pretty bad situation.Their hiring strategy needs to be improved) .. go check qualcomms codeaurora site(if you get time after ur busy SOC development) which is the latest android branch available. Then come back here and talk

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014dont tell foolish things .. OEM need to go through a cycle to g... moreYou don't know anything about android development that much is clear. Oneplus One is running to the brim with full support from Cyanogenmod because Oneplus have the license to the full Qualcomm MDP package for the 801 Soc. It's simple because you buy the chip you get the support. Other phones cyanogenmod offers ROMS for are always lacking something because they don't have the license or the rights to get the drivers/source or updates for the devices when a new OS comes out. Oneplus has the rights because they built the device with the sourced parts like camera, sensors etc.

So try harder if you want to put down cyanogenmod. Your lucky no XDA member or Cyanogenmod developer is around in here who does actual development or else you would be torn to bits and I would have a fun time reading that LMAO

A SoC is a full software and hardware stack that makes up the MDP, you need to educate yourself if you don't know the subject. Reading articles online wont get you far it only makes you look more foolish when you make such sweeping claims. So a little thought before you go around questioning people's credentials ;-) I was a student about oh 5 years ago now am a senior engineer for layout/Physical implementation and I do actual SoC IP block designs for freescale Semi so if you like to know more about the industry just ask ;-) it's my business to know how development works even if I don't do app development myself.

Again your lack of comprehension skills is showing through for all to see. Don't confuse yourself what the main discussion point here is.

There is nothing comparable to stock UI and overlays and there is nothing stopping OEMs from adding their additions just like Motorola has demonstrated. OEMs like Samsung, LG, Sony et al are putting out their rubbish UIs only for differentiation in the market. It adds no value whatsoever it only delays the launch of timely updates because of all the work it takes to validate their special apps and port over their overlays for the new OS releases.

As it stands there are no standards whatsoever in bringing custom OSes to the market, this is why touchwiz is still a stuttering garbage, or how Optimus UI is filled with gimmicky useless options apart from tap to wake and knock code that are actually useful. Oneplus One has tap to wake for example and it didn't require a special UI for it. It completely down to how you want to use the existing hardware for most of these features. You have no shred of credible counter to any of these facts because there simply is none. OEMs use UIs simply for market differentiation nothing more and all it does it slow down releases and most don't even bother with updates. Go look up the state of affairs with the Galaxy S3 for example. LG has plenty of it's phones in the same boat, so does Sony, Huawei et al.

Motorola is proving my point well, they are going to support every phone right down to the previous generation Moto Gs when lollipop comes out because it's too easy to roll out updates even while incorporating their Motorola specific additions. They have the quickest update roll outs for the very reason.

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 30 Oct 201490% of G2 or G3 users prefer Optimus UI(+ features) over stock UI .. Really? is that from your crystal ball? The only history LG has is slow coach updates which is even slower than Samsung's p*ss poor attempts. Just puts in perspective how bad it is with LG. Even GSM here has reported on that repeatedly.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259899, 30 Oct 2014And everyone on the planet is savvy enough to do rooting and ris... moredont tell foolish things .. OEM need to go through a cycle to get the OS update .
Google release source code -> qualcomm make the customizations -> new camera/audio/media/sensor propraitory libraries ...

whereas cyanogenmod just pulls the old libraries and build with source code and no need for them to get CTS / bluetooth/wifi /dlna and other certifications for software .. i dont think you are an engineer .. you are some college student who want things when u wishes .. better you enjoy with your nexus .. Let whoever likes the OEM custoizations buy other phones.Just be happy that you are living in the world of choices ..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259899, 30 Oct 2014And everyone on the planet is savvy enough to do rooting and ris... more90% of G2 or G3 users prefer Optimus UI(+ features) over stock UI ..

  • Rec

So where is MS-nokia :>

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014as you get more OS update ur getting more bloatware from google ... moreAnd everyone on the planet is savvy enough to do rooting and risk getting things done wrong right? Nope you are just clutching at straws now that it's adundantly clear OEM UIs and their custom OSes bring no value to the table over Google's own pure experience and it also proven by Cyanogenmod that with little resource they are able to integrate very useful features at a fraction of the budgets OEMs dish out when making their p*ss poor OSes.

  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014All 3rdparty/OEM apps should have equal performance of google ap... moreYou still have no clue what the discussion is about. It's not about performance of the ROM the OEMs develops. The OEMs have been caught cheating/boosting so that's not the subject here.

It's the experience of using the OS. Touchwiz stutters even on Note 3 after all these years, it's because there is no strict enforcement of what Google's vision is for the OS and how it should be. Especially overlays.

Google play store has a minimal level of certification for apps it hosts, unless there are some gross policy violations like releasing spam, misleading apps or apps that google has direct control over that have been hacked and repackaged for other purposes. There is a reason why we have plenty of useless apps on playstore. Google is not apple to practice dictatorial control over all aspects (yet).

Google has already spoken out against OSes from China like Flyme and other OSes. They have asked Samsung to tone down their cheeky duplication of whatever Google has already provided. And you say they have to follow strict standards? You are either behind the times or just in denial.

  • Anonymous

as you get more OS update ur getting more bloatware from google . so i dont care OS update ... in nexus phone im seeing only google bloatware of no use .. u have to install a mxplayer /office software always while OEM phone providing more features and if you dont like,there is always an option to root the phone and flash the pure android roms... dont say rooting is bad and all .. Root account is there from the days linux invented ..there is no harm in rooting a phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259899, 30 Oct 2014You don't understand android development then. the apps of the O... moreAll 3rdparty/OEM apps should have equal performance of google apps and will work with same performance in latest processors ..
this is the design made by google and is perfect ..
changing an image or xml or javafiles will nowhere affect the performance

If you are thinking you are better than google engineers who made a customizable platform, then i cant help..

  • Anonymous

deeeshow, 29 Oct 2014i've used g2 and now g3 the back buttons are a great ergomic fea... moreyes.. agree with u :)