A global version of Motorola Droid Turbo to be unveiled in Brazil

29 October, 2014
Motorola Brazil has sent out invites for November 5, which feature the characteristic back of the Turbo.

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  • neco

Motorola shame on you. There are people in Europe too. :)

  • anees

Is there any chance to come india ?

  • Suraj

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014About time for a Maxx redux. My old razr maxx is starting t... moreGo to xda,they'll help

  • AnonD-289473

AnonD-326188, 31 Oct 2014Hopefully it's available as unlocked for T mobile at some p... moreyes. it will, and is...
this moto rocks ;)

  • Siya

AnonD-328010, 05 Nov 2014Anyway I could get it in South Africa when it is released. ... morePlease check out Orange Online store. They should have it. I'm also crossing fingers ey, I seriously want this phone. I'm in RSA.

  • AnonD-328010

Anyway I could get it in South Africa when it is released. Like are there any online stores that would be selling it, unlocked ofcourse.

  • uk boy

when it is gonna be in UK???


what would be the price??

  • tushar

any chance this (as in the GSM version) might be released in the US? or in the UK or in India/China?

  • AnonD-326188

Hopefully it's available as unlocked for T mobile at some point with LTE radios

  • aneill

AnonD-192376, 29 Oct 2014Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! no carriers!! Freedom, and Google m... moreGoogle says they will not be selling Nexus 6 throuh Google Plat in Brazil so I think that could apply to this phone as well.

  • aneill

Anyone have an idea about price?

  • AnonD-173580

The USA AT&T version has already passed the FCC and will probably be called "Moto X Play"

"Droid" may be "exclusive" to Verizon, but the same model under a different name often shows up at other carriers.

"Droid Turbo" will become the "Moto X Play" for AT&T.

Droid Turbo (Verizon: FCC ID IHDT56PK1)
Moto X Play (AT&T: FCC ID IHDT56PK2 )

Has AT&T bands, and the documentation also states that the new device "is electrically equivalent to the certified device carrying FCC ID IHDT56PK1."

What I'm REALLY waiting for is a "Pure Edition" of the "Moto X Play" -- like Motorola has done for the 2014 Moto X. No carrier branding, no bloatware, unlockable bootloader.

  • AnonD-9410

Agree. But I rooted my Razr Maxx and installed the cyanogen-based Mokee ROM. Now it's running very smooth on KitKat. With regular monthly stable updates. Even more regular stable updates than cyanogen. Experience is better. Performance is a lot faster. Battery lasts longer. Even the camera shoots sharper. I use a xiaomi redmi 1s as my daily driver but i always have my xt910 maxx in hand for better camera, better movie experience in amoled and better ebook reading experience since battery lasts a heck longer. But damn, I hope I'll be fortunate enough to upgrade to the 2014 Moto Maxx.

  • Cenas

Hope it has virtual navigation keys instead of capacitive keys. That's the only bad thing about the Turbo.

  • AnonD-207980

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014About time for a Maxx redux. My old razr maxx is starting t... moreWasn't Jelly bean the latest on that?

Anyways, you always have this!

  • Somebody

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014But these are your opinions not facts. Answer is simple.... moreThat something is unsubstantiated does not mean that it is an *opinion*. It could still be rooted in fact. You haven't done anything to refute the statement, so just leave it be, since as you suggest, it doesn't even matter.

  • Somebody

kenosis , 29 Oct 2014GLOBAL version means you can use it in the whole world Sort-of. Global, in this context, means actually that it isn't artificially RESTRICTED to a single service provider.

  • Somebody

yess, 29 Oct 2014hope to see it in Europe :D You are aware that you can order packages for international delivery, aren't you?

  • Somebody

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2014What means GLOBAL-Version?.. for BRAZIL only or what Freque... moreNothing works everywhere, but on top of the droid turbo specs, this one adds in UMTS over AWS, which is needed for a few countries in south america, as well as tmobile in the US, and Windmobile in Canada. As far as Europe goes, it won't make any difference compared to the droid turbo, unless you visit north or south america.