Google Nexus 6 already sold out in the United States

29 October, 2014
The Motorola-made phablet became available for pre-order in the Google Play store earlier today.

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  • Joydeep


  • AnonD-293750

HTC is Tiwanese

  • Prem kumar A

Cheap gimmicks by Google. Xiaomi did the same thing in India by partnering selling mi3 and redmi s in flash sales. Sold out in 0.000000000001 seconds. Google seems to follow the foot steps of xiaomi. Let know the number of units you sold

  • AnonD-296725

Probably intended by google

  • Slayer

AnonD-325563, 30 Oct 2014As the owner of a Note 2 who has been pondering upgrading t... moreOne problem, good luck trying to get hold of one! Google knows that there is demand for the Nexus, there always is! Yet this recurring fiasco of the handset selling out pretty damn quickly and worse still not even available for pre-order across Europe! I have always used Android and IOS, unusual, yes but not unknown. Have not used an iPhone since the iP5 but seriously thinking about the iPhone 6 Plus! Got the Z3 and quite frankly there is not a better android phone out there, in my own opinion but good to experience a different interface every now and then!

  • AnonD-306114

WOW... this is retarded! i tried every minute to get to buy a damn nexus 6

first said coming soon 1 minute later it said sold out!

are you kidding me?

  • Anonymous

Doesn't make much sense I tried ordering one 12am Hawaii time on the 28th and it was already sold out. Did they even have any in stock...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-166545, 30 Oct 2014Congratulations for selling 3 phones, Google!perfect.

  • AnonD-166545

Congratulations for selling 3 phones, Google!

  • Anonymous

It might be possible that Motorola aimed for the Nexus 6 phablet to be more suitable for US consumers of which generally have larger than average palm sizes. European consumers do have some, too, by demographics. This is relative of Motorola being an American company, albeit, still aims to sell Nexus 6 globally. Other popular brands have pushed the phablet trend, and it seems the trend may have caught the attention of Motorola enough to showcase that they are following the trend also. Good thing they decided to produce the Nexus 6 with 6" as max screen size for it could have been a different rave story if they exceeded 6". I remember some users (who have large hands and were enthusiastic with the phablet trend) commenting and voting in various sites/polls a year ago that their max threshold for comfortable phablet use is usually at 6". Now, should I consider those rumors last year that 2014 is the year of the phablets? I believe we would see more 5.5"-6" phones next year, seeing how Chinese manufacturers continue to seep through the 5.5" to 6" range. I'm impressed how Nexus 6's dimensions (except thickness) can fairly stack against other phones of the same (or even smaller, e.g. iPhone 6 Plus) screen size

  • AnonD-147044

goo, 30 Oct 2014just wait for one and half months folks this device will be... moreWhat makes you think that this will happen? Personally I dislike nexus 6. too big. a shame that it is so expensive, i thought nexus devices were supposed to be cheap

  • goo

just wait for one and half months folks this device will be in heaps on the shelfs and no one will buy this bs device

  • Desire

When it will launch in India i also want to buy?

  • Anonymous

already sold ?
hahahaaaaa, good joke Gooogleee

  • Nexus User

"Hours" after pre-order began??? More like minutes or even seconds. I never saw them available. Between 1:20 pm EST and 1:25 pm EST a series of browser refreshes took the Nexus 6's availability status from "Coming soon" directly to "Out of inventory". They must have accepted a very, very, very small # of pre-orders.

  • AnonD-93568

Yes 4 Qty Listed

Black 32
White 32
Black 64
White 64

all sold out

  • hi

people you should stop comparing the price tag between nexus 6 and another phablets like note 4 / edge / iphone 6 plus....all of them are good devices but if u think about line has fast trck updates lag...the new stock ui interface is nice..even the google now launcher improves that on kit kat / jelli bean for those who dont like the widgets next to the app with black font...i love no customizations and performace..price is because u have high end specs..if u look some thing cheap then nexus 5 is a really good option pocket size and performance too.

  • AnonD-325752

AnonD-325563, 30 Oct 2014As the owner of a Note 2 who has been pondering upgrading t... moreI agree with you 100% on the speaker issue. So tired of having to cup my hand over the rear speaker on my Galaxy Note 2 to direct the sound towards me. Not sure what you mean by "the speaker on the edge" however. The Note 2/3/4 speakers are all on the rear of the phone.

  • Anonymous

Yey.. all 10 in stock are out!

  • AnonD-246216

This has been the case for every nexus phone for a while now. Since they really don't make too many units at once.