HTC Desire D816h with 5” display visits TENAA

29 October, 2014
The unannounced smartphone is a more compact version of the HTC Desire 816 we already know.

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  • AnonD-550455

Most annoying phone ever laughed by HTC. Poor performance and not a good device at all , this phone is simply ruining the reputation of HTC. I never wanted to buy a HTC device again.

  • Anonymous

nidhee, 24 Oct 2015Is there updation for this phone ?NO

  • nidhee

Is there updation for this phone ?

  • Swash

Love HTC but d816 h has disappointed me,looses network all the tym what can it be the problem?pls assist.

  • AWallis

Love HTC but tis is seriously annoying. There is nothing compact about this whatsoever. If your going to release another version and say its more compact then make it really so.
This is still a monster. they have there place yes but getting so sick of most offerings all being so large. A 130mm height can easily be a 4.5- 7 screen. Phone Smart - Hand Smart

  • Anonymous

HTC got bought by Apple or do they share the same crapple design team???

  • AnonD-10186

It's the same size of the original 816, not a compact one...

  • Anonymous

they already have HTC Desire 816 and HTC Desire 816g,
and now they release HTC Desire 816h?
really HTC?

  • krommysz

HTC Desire D816H is a very huge 5inch smartphone.

Just to compare it with the "old" Sony Xperia Z which was insulted by HTC fans.

"old" Sony Xperia Z - 139 x 71 x 7.9 mm
HTC Desire D816H - 156.6×78.7×8 mm

Just to be fair, it has both dual front speakers.
Let's add HTC One m8 and Sony Xperia Z3 with both phones having stereo speakers.

HTC One M8 (5inch screen only) - 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm
Sony Xperia Z3 (5.2in screen) - 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm

Sony is more compact.
HTC has huge bezels. Period.

  • AnonD-262880

ToonToon, 30 Oct 2014no for mediatek. sorry.Agree with you

  • AnonD-69077

156.6mm tall is not compact that is taller than any galaxy note and nearly as tall as the iPhone 6 plus

  • AnonD-262880

riz, 30 Oct 2014htc battery life is the problem I have used various brand, including Samsung, Sony, LG, NOKIA, it seems to me HTC is perfect Comparing screen, Sound quality, design and battery life.

  • Anonymous

There is a balance and philosophy when it comes to design. This takes the cues from the HTC M8, and tries to do the same, yet fails.

It shows that either they arrived at the M8 design by luck, or that they do not have an underlying philosophy of design. The result is this Desire which simply looks 'off'.

Same thing happened with Meizu, who hit the right spots with their MX4, then suddenly 'lost the plot' on the follow up devices with their Home button suddenly changing shape etc.

  • AnonD-146024

78mm width for a 5 inch screen phone. Really! It's 10 mm wider than what it ideally should be. Expect huge bezels from HTC once again.

  • kroomya

[deleted post]Seriously, it IS u g ly. That minimalisitic look with the screen slabbed on the huge bezels doesn't help.

People always criticize Sony Xperia phones for having huge bezels but now the tables have turned. Sony makes beautiful compact phones better than anyone else (on par with Motorola).

Differentiating is different from making boxy phones with no actual design. I'd take a Samsung Galaxy Alpha or iPhone 6 any day.

  • riz

htc battery life is the problem

no for mediatek. sorry.

HTC doesn't rhymes with the phrase Compact

"156.6×78.7×8mm" is huge for a 5" Flagship

  • kroomy

What's up with HTC? They shouldn't apply this design language to plastic phones. IMHO, it looks really u g l y!