IDC: Xiaomi third largest manufacturer in Q3

30 October, 2014
Samsung and Apple retain their lead in shipments in the third quarter but Xiaomi is now third.

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  • gugrin

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2014the hell samsung is stupid brandapsolutly

  • Anonymous

the hell samsung is stupid brand

  • Anroid Man

I admire any underdog. good luck. Xiaomi. But they look like cheap Chinese. shame, great specs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2014xiaomi in the philippines is selling like pancakes. Is it r... moreYou may check out locations of their Service Centers by Mi Philippines near you. As I've seen in pictures, their branch by Greenhills (One Kennedy Place) has their products on display

  • Anonymous

Angry Mobile Nerd, 31 Oct 2014Ahh another non-China-based commenter thinking they know ev... moreThanks for the clarification. I mistakenly dismissed Mi of having established their retail stores in China and outlying countries. But my comment started as an opinion and ended with a suggestion. It also clearly showed how less (and not everything) I know about Mi. It just recently came to my discovery that our local Mi Exclusive Service Centers double as in-house/retail stores of Mi products. It just didn't come to my attention at first as service centers here usually do not sell handset units but more often than not, just accessories. I sure do hope they push their plan of setting up that Mi Home near my home :-)

  • th

This is natural evolution, it was bound to happen. The value proposition by flagships that cost a fifth to build is dropping as the industry becomes more accessible and part suppliers are doing the r&d for the modules they sell.

  • Genius

[deleted post]Well, at least its considerably better than the cheap Chinese crap from Apple. And yeah, just because Apple is charging you several times the cost does not mean that its not cheap Chinese crap.

  • AnonD-89109

[deleted post]Well this article does have Apple mentioned in it, so yeah, your comment is valid.

  • Anonymous

xiaomi in the philippines is selling like pancakes. Is it really just exclusive to lazada? please establish more stores for xiaomi here in the philippines!!! redmi 1s and mi3 are the only xiaomi devices available her. I wanna buy mipad.

[deleted post]Just some cheap comment.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014I don't think Xiaomi has a physical store as they employ an... moreAhh another non-China-based commenter thinking they know everything about the China-based Xiaomi.

While Xiaomi doesn't own or operate any of its own stores, the last 6 months they have been doing a huge push at subsidizing existing and new physical mobile phone stores in China to rebrand themselves as "" stores which predominantly feature Xiaomi phones but also sell other brands as usual. These stores are easy to spot as they're all redone in the Mi orange color scheme with a big "" logo in front. This is by far Xiaomi's largest conventional marketing push to date. Actually the location grouping in some cases is getting quite ridiculous where you'll see several orange "" stores on the same street just a hundred meters apart (like Starbucks in the states).

As many Chinese are still very old-fashioned and/or yet not familiar with online shopping (especially amongst the lower-class/uneducated market that their lower priced phones tend to target here), it's critical Xiaomi has a physical in-store presence otherwise there is no way they would move 16+ million phones in one quarter. To think that is all direct online sales would be ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-209094, 30 Oct 2014As for Xiaomi, not so impressive numbers and with their low... moreSo .... does any of the similarly priced handsets have oleophatic coating AND is better than Xiaomi's devices ?

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014My friend is currently in china and he cant buy it for me w... moreYour friend can buy it from a local shop or order it from Xiaomi. The order pages are never in English so you or your friend will have to use the Chinese page. It's probably easier to buy it from a shop.

  • newkidontheblox

would be true,
if crappy Samsung would display really sold units,
instead of manufactured / shipped (unsold).
crap plastic company ...

  • AnonD-209094

As for Xiaomi, not so impressive numbers and with their low average selling price it is quite insignificant. Maybe in the future they can be viable alternatives also in mature markets but for now their "high end" devices are too much lacking, very old fashioned displays that slurps battery and no oleophobic coating are both big dealbreakers that are hard to justify with only lower price.

  • AnonD-209094

Good to see Samsung drop so significantly, thats what happens to companies that screw their customers (like HTC fall from grace, went from number one to number nobody), the silent introduction of the region lock and the lies and the smokescreens surrounding it afterwards has made it clear that Samsung cannot be trusted any further than you can throw a locomotive, and im not talking about Marklin locomotives. Happy to see more and more people are saying No to these notorious criminals.

  • Anonymous

lacp, 30 Oct 2014Chinese products compared with South Korean products, are c... moreoh cut you crappy mouth off, you owned one? you kinda crap still alive in this world thinking chinese made are bad product?.. back to sleep

  • AnonD-262107

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014quick help needed - where/how can I buy xiaomi Mi3/Mi4 from... moreget it from India. it has international ROM on it

  • AnonD-262107

lacp, 30 Oct 2014Chinese products compared with South Korean products, are c... morebro Xiaomi product are in no less in quality than sony or HTC mid range. you need to touch one to fell it. something if it sell for cheap does not means its bad quality

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2014My friend is currently in china and he cant buy it for me w... moreI don't think Xiaomi has a physical store as they employ an internet-based business model. You can ask your friend to purchase online