LG BL40 Black Label video leaks, heart-melting specs confirmed

13 July, 2009
The fourth member of the fashionable Black Label series has just made another step toward revealing its identity. A short video appeared on YouTube demonstrating the UI of the LG BL40, as seems...

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  • ocr

I want one already

  • Vaan

Anonymous, 13 Jul 200921:9 is just way too elongated to be pratical.I'd say it's main advantage is also it's disadvantage. Imagine trying to shove it in your pocket, that's not even possible to be honest. But I just want to see some live shots of this so that I can really tell if it's too long or not.

As for those who's say the SE Android phone is better, I'd say that these two phones are targeted at different market segments and will never clash.

  • Phonenut

While watching this I kept reminding myself that it's just a video with screen simulations. Not going to move that fast and more than likely won't look that great. I will however stay open to the idea that LG could have finally created a black label phone that will not flop after 6 months like the shine, and the chocolate.

The UI looks fantastic if it is in fact that solid and filled with features. I'm very excited to see this phone in action and hope it launches better than the Nokia 5800

  • Anonymous

21:9 is just way too elongated to be pratical.

  • Vaan

It looks like a MID. In corporation with Intel anyone?

  • Anonymous

not as cool as SE's android rachael...

  • Anonymous

I thought it looked like the ipod nano 4g when it first came up on the vid lol.

I think its a little too thin, like too stretched out.

Maybe LG should start by allowing streaming over wifi and better OS that doesnt crash so much before making new phones *sigh*

  • Michael

It might be a good phone,
but this device may be too long.
Imagine when you put this phone into your pocket, esp. jeans,
and then sit down.
This feeling... may not be good.

  • Roy sexiespider

[deleted post]You might just be right!

It fits in very well. An elongated screen!

I hope this it it!

  • Anonymous

But then, LG has a history of developing their own interface for their flagship phones.

Also, phones using OS such as Windows and Symbian have always looked relatively minimally attractive.

So, this phone might go that way.

  • Anonymous

My personal opinion is that I seriously doubt that LG will create a phone of such dimensions as just a feature phone. That's too much investment for a feature phone. Moreover, if they want to showcase their new IU, they have done enough in the Arena and Viewty Smart. If this is to be their flagship phone, it should have significant investments. I do believe there should be some OS.

I personally believe that Android is the OS that can compete equally with Safari, since Symbian is still in development stage, and Windows isn't exactly an attractive OS for a multimedia phone, and the real upgrade comes only with Windows 7.

  • Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan, 13 Jul 2009I doubt it is real, keyboard like iPhone, so what? the s-class i... moreSome correction, not doubt. I mean I believe this video is real.

  • Andrew Tan

NESS, 13 Jul 2009SO SO FALSE PEOPLE!!! Didn't U notice the KEYBOARD, it is exactl... moreI doubt it is real, keyboard like iPhone, so what? the s-class interface already 90% copy iPhone style. Nothing wrong if the keypad look like it also.

Good job LG, I may switch back to LG sooner ... hehe.... as Samsung nothing impress me at the moment. They keep continue their touchWiz which I feel bored already.

  • endless_punks

what is so heart melting in this phone? Its just another touch fone with specs already found in majority of other phones even 2 yrs older than this.making screens bigger and bigger is hardly a head turner now.its a good allrounder phone but just another face in the "lg samsung" crowd..

  • Anonymous

I'm glad that it's 'only' a 5mp camera because that means it's likely to have a better low light performance compared to an 8mp sensor as well as meaning that the phone itself might not be very expensive once the initial hype has subsided.

Hope that it has 720p HD video capture! :)

  • jiojosjf

PRC, 13 Jul 2009It's an impressive phone but superstitious Asian may not buy it.... moreWatch the actual video. It's not shaped like a coffin - that's just a still at a certain perspective. A_sswipe

  • ND

It has nothing special for me, i have already own this type of screen resolution 2 yrs ago, my E90 internal display also measures as 4 inches with 800x352 pixels which is not touchscreen only. Anyway, great done from LG!

  • Anonymous


  • Shinigami

Intel Chocolate Bar got LG branding?
Boring. The screen is huge but its long and thus hard to use. Vertical resolution is fine but horizontal isn't. 5mp camera? My Secret had 5mp camera, where's progress in that? Should have added 8mp instead.

The price is going to be one of the biggest issues.

I like keyboard though - typing should be more or less comfortable with such a large screen.

  • PRC

It's an impressive phone but superstitious Asian may not buy it.
It's the 4th edition, 4 inches long which makes its form factor to look like a coffin.