Android 5.0 Lollipop is now seeding to the Nexus family

12 November, 2014
The latest firmware from Google is available over-the-air or through factory images available for download.

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  • venky

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2014did you buy your phone in india or imported one?Its imported in

  • chetu

no update in pune for nexues 5
purchase from USA play store

  • google_suck_dicks

no ota update for my n5 yet (from delhi)..will manually updating ota for nexus void my warranty ??

  • Anonymous

No update to Nexus 5... :(

  • tazz

no lollipop in New Delhi,India

  • raj

roccorane, 14 Nov 2014waiting from many days constantly checking the software update i... morethere is ota update out there.... install manually... with ur warranty intact.. i did it yesterday.. now on lollipop

  • Anonymous

vishu, 15 Nov 2014Just got OTA lollipop update in Bangalore ...yaydid you buy your phone in india or imported one?

  • AnonD-330557

Its making me sick... its already 3 days has passed but no update for Nexus 5. Google guys this is really bullshit. And i heard the update has some bug... so i am stopping here to wait this shitty update.. probably you guys should too...

  • ozby

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2014I am pretty sure that OTA update will come in the next few days ... moreHi. I amalso from Slovenija and i havent received the lolipop update i bought the phone in tušmobil in julij 2014

  • patel.maverick

Raj, 15 Nov 2014nexus 5 updated to lollipop last night at 2.15 a.m. ahmedabad it india purchased or imported?

  • Mumbaikar

tired and frustrated of waiting for lollipop to descend on my month old nexus 5.....Google are unnecessary making us wait for no reason...

  • Anonymous

No update yet... 12 10pm hyderabad

  • karthik

Waiting to taste the lollipop for my nexus5

  • irahul

No android L updated for my nexus 10 and moto G2, Pune :(

  • Anonymous

No update in pune

  • Mack

Really too bad even for Nexus 5 update not received.....

  • vishu

Just got OTA lollipop update in Bangalore ...yay

  • shelter

No update on nexus 7 (2013) till now... Pune , India

  • Ashwin

Hey flash FI to your N5 and N4.

  • Anonymous

haven't got update yet... gurgaon