Sharp reveals 4.1” IGZO LCD display with a whopping 736ppi

12 November, 2014
The Japanese manufacturer will begin to ship design samples to smartphone manufacturers next year.

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  • Anonymous

And yet another absolutely not needed development. From 30 cm on a 6" screen you see FullHD- do your math. I did. No one can see above fullHD from 30cm. So this display is a waste of R&D effort and waste of money. 2560x1600 is needed above 7" okey- just to make it astonishing - but instead of resolution display manufacturers should concentrate on Energy consumption and color gammut. Now that is nowhere mentioned - such a shame.

  • Eske Rahn

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2014Completely useless resolution. Human eyes can barely see th... morePlease stop spreading this urban legend...

The eyes limit is NOT on the absolute ppi resolution, but relative to the viewing distance.

Try this simple test:

  • 2ny

734 ppi = battery drainer!
this should have at least 4500 mah of battery power or more on every single phone...

  • apo

it is 4k if you have the 736 pixel density on a 6 inch panel...

  • The Guy That Reads

AnonD-81581, 13 Nov 20144K is not 2560x1600Hey genius it says it matches the PIXEL DENSITY of a 6" 4K display.... Read it more carefully before you make a comment like that...

  • Anonymous

I've been following the development of IGZO tech. 2 years ago (circa 2012), I've read an article about the benefits of IGZO. IGZO TFT is said to be thinner and more energy-efficient than mainstream OLEDs (Super AMOLED and AMOLED included), mainstream IPS panels, and mainstream regular TFTs. Even Sharp's executive VP, Kozo Takahashi, said at a previous CES that IGZO is the "key to the future of next-generation organic LED (OLED) displays."

So when it comes to battery-saving demands on future 4K UHD or 8K UHD/FUHD mobile phones, I'd rather have IGZO as display panel than common OLEDs, IPS panels, or TFTs regardless of how large (or minute) the screen size it comes with

IGZO for me is old tech. Sharp already introduced its first phone and 7" tablet with FHD (1080p) IGZO screens but were exclusive to NTT DoCoMo

  • Anonymous

Completely useless resolution. Human eyes can barely see the difference between 720p and 1080p if at all, there is no point in this high resolution whatsoever apart from self marketing.

  • danny

the good news is that we will have high end small phone. the bad news is that the resolution is useless and will only draw more power. I have a 27" monitor with that resolution and it is perfect. The distance from eyes to monitor is 70cm. The distance to phone is ~35cm. The screen will have to be 13.5" to use that resolution

  • AnonD-133243

Well, it's "Sharp", you know, the name says all about it :)

  • AnonD-81581

4K is not 2560x1600

  • Eske Rahn

Dododo, 13 Nov 2014Of course, only people with really, really Sharp eyes will ... moreIt is a matter of the viewing distance!

Try downloading this PNG and do the one minute vision-test yourself on any phone/phablet/tablet/pc, I'm sure you will be surprised how fine details you can see - I sure was! I'm over 50 and with not too good vision, and still get 1/7000 of the viewing distance, many have reported finer than 1/11000...

  • AnonD-136279

It's so Sharp, that if you slide your finger over the screen, it will bleed...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2014What is igzo?İgzo indium gallium zinc oxide japanese researcher Found this type. High pixel density and With Power efficent.

  • Guest

I want a 1" @4K..

  • mongo

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2014PPI race is the cancer that's killing battery life Voice of reason

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2014What is igzo?There is a search bar on your browser. Just use it...

  • Omar Mohamed

I Want 6 inches @ 4K .

  • Anonymous

PPI race is the cancer that's killing battery life

  • Anonymous

I wish 8K 1/2in lens inside my eyes or contact lens

  • Dododo

Of course, only people with really, really Sharp eyes will see any real world advantages in this ppi.