Sharp reveals 4.1 IGZO LCD display with a whopping 736ppi

12 November, 2014
The Japanese manufacturer will begin to ship design samples to smartphone manufacturers next year.

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  • Anonymous

eyes would sore

  • Anonymous

Those kinds of resolutions are just pointless on a screen this size.
I mean, lets be honest. It's incredibly hard to tell the difference from 720p to 1080p on a 4.7 inch screen. And since there is no visable difference from 1080p and QHD on a 5.5 inch screen, 4k on a 4.7 incher is just dumb.
I would much rather buy a phone with 1000 nits of brighness like my old Nokia 701.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-209094, 13 Nov 2014It has almost been done already, Sony made AMOLED displays at 20... moreWell that's cool, but the technology is always abused and high res screens are used where they are useless

  • AnonD-265341

123, 13 Nov 2014Please improve battery life, camera technology, solid design wit... more100% agree

  • AnonD-265341

Only 736ppi?? 1000ppi or i ain't buying.

  • AnonD-329382

I knew they would go back to smaller sizes and one-handed usability. I want it a little smaller with a 4 inch and a slightly different 15:9 aspect ratio at a slightly lower 2560*1536 with an oled of some kind.

  • AnonD-55961

AnonD-209094, 13 Nov 2014Who cares about 4" 1080p when we can get 4.1" 1440/160... moreAspect Ratio of 16:10 is my preferred choice as in this device but I want bigger screen size like 5.9, 6.1, 6.2 etc.
Aspect Ratio of 16:9.6 (as in Meizu MX4) is not bad for mobile devices.

  • tobby

...and then you charge the phone every hour

  • mas39

For the person on about medical equipment, the panels being made by Sharp are being used for mobile devices, so these are utterly useless. I'm sure some have been made for medical equipment, but the ones we are discussing here are being supplied to phone manufacturers so in this case these panels are a waste of time!

  • thenerd

AnonD-209094, 13 Nov 2014It is made for people with good eyes and able to focus at short ... moreyou sir have hit the nail on the head

  • mas39

It's so silly, it's just not needed in a phone, it's perfect for a phablet but even my 6.4" Z Ultra is perfect with a 1080p resolution, other factors also come into consideration such as type of panel and screen technology.

  • Anonymous

What is igzo?

  • Woah!!

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2014You could say that this display is rather..... Sharp.I see what you did there. :P

  • AnonD-209094

Anonymous, 13 Nov 20142020: 16k 1 inch screenIt has almost been done already, Sony made AMOLED displays at 2000 PPI for use in medical equipment. No matter how useless somethings looks for you there is lots of things it can be used for by a lot of people. For me a van is useless, i prefer sedan, but im not saying nobody needs a van, or a truck or a bus, im just saying i dont need one but im not telling Toyota to stop making Hiace. Copernicus already proved long ago (500 years ago actually) that the sun doesnt revolve around us, maybe its time for everyone to step out of the dark ages?

  • AnonD-209094

normaneko, 13 Nov 2014this is stupid, seriously......or perhaps they made this phone i... moreIt is made for people with good eyes and able to focus at short distances but its good you are open about your visual shortcoming, just that i cant feel sorry for you since your problem most likely can be fixed with reading glasses.

If you are not a runner you wouldnt complain about Nike making insanely expensive running shoes for athletes, same as you shouldnt complain about other products YOU cannot fully utilize, just keep in mind that many many others CAN utilize it. I dont hear blind people complaining about TVs and saying they should focus on making better radios, or deaf people complaining about other people producing music, its called accepting their own shortcomings and is something lots of commenters here should embrace as well.

  • AnonD-209094

stobs, 13 Nov 2014so finally a great display... by 2016/17/18. cool. still haven't... moreWho cares about 4" 1080p when we can get 4.1" 1440/1600p? =)
I actually like the 16:10 ratio, its same as the Blackberry Z10, the display is only 4.2 inch but since its 1280x768 it is 15:9, which makes it a tad wider than the more common 16:9 and that makes a difference when typing in portrait mode.

One of the major disadvantage of BB Z10 is the pixellated 4.2" display at only 355 PPI, since this new IGZO is virtually the same size and almost same aspect ratio it is very comparable, imagine the perfect and livelike image, so close to nature, wow, i want... But sadly they will never mass produce this but waste these beautiful small pixels on stupid useless phablets =(

  • Anonymous

AnonD-304305, 13 Nov 2014this resolution battle are going too far, what's next? 4K resolu... more2020: 16k 1 inch screen

  • Anonymous

You could say that this display is rather.....


  • stobs

so finally a great display... by 2016/17/18. cool. still haven't seen 1080p 4" displays unfortunately.

  • Carlo

4.1 inches? make this 6 inches screen,PPI will be back to 400+