Moto G Android 5.0 Lollipop soak test starts in India today

14 November, 2014
Those registered in the Motorola Feedback Network program will be the first to get the OS on their Moto G.

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  • jags

AnonD-64830, 14 Nov 2014When will the Moto X (Original) Soak Test be happening? There... moreYou will need to unlock the boot loader and download the original 4.4.2 rom off the net(google it) along with rooting your phone and downloading a custom recovery like clockworkmod recovery...
Then after rooting it and inatalling custom recovery, go to recovery mode and flash ROM.

Your warranty may be VOIDED.
Carry out this process at your own risk.
Please see a YouTube video on how to flash a ROM.
Hope this helps.

  • kartik

Yipee finally i will get lollipop on my moto g !! :) moto rocks!!

  • mami

did not get the lollipop update
opted for MFN
moto g 1st gen

  • ThePurgeGuy

What about the moto x 1st gen?

  • AnonD-64830

When will the Moto X (Original) Soak Test be happening?

There are bugs including poor battery performance and heating up with Android 4.4.4 and WIFI drop out so Lollipop would be good sooner rather than later.

Is there any way of down grading the handset to Android 4.4.2?

Thanks to everyone who replies.

Andy x.

  • AnonD-331054

I applied for the motorola feedback program! I have the 1st gen moto g ( Indian) still dint get the update :(

  • _sagz_

Anyone moto g 1st gen user recieved the update who registered for MFN ?

  • Suraj_J

any one get this soak test in india...

  • Sai charan

Moto g is best best and best for me

  • AnonD-80609

Was expecting 2nd gen to be first!

  • Indian

raviteja21, 14 Nov 2014Moto G(1st gen) is far better than Moto G(2st gen) up to my knowledge.I agree with........Reasons:-

1. 4.5 inch Display
2. Long battery life because screen size smaller than
new version.
3. 316 ppi

Only Camera and micro sd card slot advantage........If ur not much camera lover then go for 16 GB Moto G previous model.......... Or spend 2k more buy Lumia 730 which is far better than Moto G 2nd :)

  • AnonD-206524

something to cheer about again :)

  • CK


  • raviteja21

Moto G(1st gen) is far better than Moto G(2st gen) up to my knowledge.

  • Anonymous

Wow moto ur da best!!!