Windows 10 will be released to all WP8 Lumia phones

14 November, 2014
Microsoft has announced it will update all WP8-powered Lumia phones with Windows 10 next year.

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  • dc

use WINDOWS INSIDER app to upgrade to win10 from win 8/8.1 in your Lumia 730

  • Sid

Hi.. I m using Lumia 730 and I have come updates for win10 but I want to know that after installing win10 on my device.. There is not having prblm related to battery in phone... Plzz suggest.. What should I do update the phone or not..

  • AnonD-508962

AnonD-506695, 23 Feb 2016Windows 10 is already available in Lumia 730. only thing is you ... moreHi ! Arvindkbal,
I liked your response. I am currently using Nokia 730 on 8.1. My warranty is now over hence i am planning to install Windows 10. Just wanted to know how did you restore your whats app messages. Did you took back up on sd card and once windows 10 installed you restored your messages from sd card. Please let me know. And secondly the apps i have installed do i need to uninstall them before going for windows 10. Please assist thanks.

  • jayabrata

by windows adviser can i update my lumia 730 windows 10? can i get real version or trial version?? plizz help me by your answer???

  • Anonymous

Prits, 31 Mar 2016I am trying to update window 10 on my lumia 730 bu upgrade advi... moreFirstly installed upgade advisor of microsoft from store and run the upgrade through this app

  • Sree

I am updated my 535 mobile with windows 10 from update advisor. But charging drain very fast. I am format my mobile now battery works good. but cortana not working

  • Prits

I am trying to update window 10 on my lumia 730 bu upgrade advisor, but it says your phone is up to date. help me.

  • Prits

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2016I am using Nokia Lumia 730 with windows 10 insider preview (insi... moreI have installed the upgrade advisor on my lumia 730 and tried to get updates for window 10, but is says "your phone is up to date". cant find update for windows 10. help me.

  • DG

Authorised reoair center says if we would update windows 10 on our phones. the warranty will be expired. Also there no official comment from microsoft officials .

  • AnonD-520436

Hey, I upgraded my Lumia 730 to Win10 using the upgrade advisor and I don't have the Cortana now! I expreienced a lot of good and bad stuffs after upgrading. I expect a pefect update from the Microsoft Team.

  • Prasanth cena

Cortona works under united kindom language.....
Amnd my phone fast drain in battery while am using windows 10.

  • AnonD-520013

hey guys i just wanna know that will the apps in the phone will be deleted or not after wp10 upgrade from wp 8.1 as i have installed lots of app in my phone.

  • Anonymous

SM, 25 Mar 2016Install Upgrade Advisor from the store to your Lumia 730 & y... moreBut bro I could not find upgrade advisor in store...what to do?

  • AnonD-519411

I have updated my lumia 730 to windows 10(windows insider(insider fast)). the only problem i am facing is... i am unable to download the unitedd states (english) for cortana. i have changed the region to US n everything needed to activate cortana but it ain't working. Everytime i try to download it shows the following error :- English(United States): Error downloading. i hav changed the language to united states english but still it is showing that it requires some attention. "the text suggestion update for this keyboard didn't successfully". Even if i am putting it for download its not downloading. I have resetted my phone..still the problem remains. Rest all is working superbly. Can anyone help please??

  • admin

i have just resetted my phone and then when i try to update win 10 on 730 i m not getting update of win .,, plzz help

  • SM

karim, 24 Mar 2016Is there any offical win 10 update without the advisor appInstall Upgrade Advisor from the store to your Lumia 730 & you will be able to get the Windows 10 update. I have update the same way....

  • karim

Is there any offical win 10 update without the advisor app

  • Sagar

teeku, 18 Mar 2016Never b/c Microsoft is going to update only those phone which ar... moreAlready windows 10 update available on Lumia 730

  • Anonymous

neal, 11 Mar 2016plz tell when will my Lumia 730 get w10 update?its available through upgrade advisor app of microsoft

  • Anonymous

teeku, 18 Mar 2016Never b/c Microsoft is going to update only those phone which ar... moreI already updated my lumia 730 with window 10, if you want firstly download upgrade advisor of Microsoft from store and follow the instruction. Simply check of phone update doesn`t work.