Windows 10 will be released to all WP8 Lumia phones

14 November, 2014
Microsoft has announced it will update all WP8-powered Lumia phones with Windows 10 next year.

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  • Sanjay

Can anyone tell about the release date of Windows 10 for Windows 8 Phones

  • Dhaval

Please give me a windows 10 update date in lumia 730

  • Prashant

Lumia 730 will definitely receive the windows 10 update.

You can see at this link­oduct/lumia730-dual-sim/faq/?action=singleTopic&­amp;topic=FA144485&category=softwareupdatean­ddownload.

It says that every device with OS version (Settings->About->More Information) 8.10.14219.341, or higher, will receive windows 10.

However, it may take some time to receive as windows 10 update varies by device.

  • Anonymous

vij, 09 Dec 2015Dont buy wimdows phone. If you buy , will suffer like me. worst ... moreThen buy a android phone...... Why microsoft mobile!!!

  • Love barik

aathush, 13 Sep 2015When I will get windows10 on lumia730 plzz tell me date amm egar... moreDecember 25 -2015

  • Viky

Guys don't worry about the update for lumia 730 is not mentioned in it. They have mentioned the model 735. Both 730/735 have the same specifications except the SIM specification. So 730 will get an update when its ready.

  • Ajinkya

It is NOT yet ready. MS has said here -­oduct/lumia730-dual-sim/softwareupdate/ ..."If your Lumia is eligible for the upgrade, we'll let you know when it's ready"

  • vicky

I don't think windows 10 will be installed in 730 ... Cause Microsoft haven't mention our device

  • vij

Dont buy wimdows phone. If you buy , will suffer like me. worst mobile software in the world. lots of limititions., not a user friendly mobile and not suitable for business. micro soft should learn from android.

  • Bala

Bhaskar, Please do not update to Win 10 in 730 until official release.
I suffered a lot with unofficial update to Win10 and lot bugs , downgraded to licensed Win 8.1 with Windows recovery tool yesterday.


  • bhaskar

manju, 26 Nov 2015Is windows 10 available for Lumia 730 now?How to update windows 10 in lumia 730

  • Tadashi

From Microsoft: First release for Lumia Cellphones: December 14... And there will be updates for most of Nokia Lumia (with 8 GB) until February 2016.

  • manju

Priyo Naskar, 24 Nov 2015Hi Friend You Can Go Your Nearest Nokia Care Or Microsoft Care A... moreIs windows 10 available for Lumia 730 now?

  • AnonD-470541

Here you go...... Original update from Microsoft - Only phones running Lumia Denim (OS version 8.10.14219.341, or higher) can take advantage of the upgrade to Windows 10. By keeping your phone software updated you can get fresh new features and improvements, and resolve many issues. You can check your current software release from Settings > extras+info, and the current OS version from Settings > about > more information.

  • Priyo Naskar

AnonD-442709, 19 Nov 2015windows 10 is hard to use in lumia 730 very worst pls dont updat... moreHi Friend You Can Go Your Nearest Nokia Care Or Microsoft Care And Downgrade Your Nokia Lumia 730 Windows 10 to Windows 8.1

  • kumar

Any one know the actual date when the windows 10 will be available for all wp8 because form July there are many rumours

  • AnonD-442709

windows 10 is hard to use in lumia 730 very worst pls dont update i came back to 8.10 again hang and game doest not opn and app whats app hang while reciv call and touch cant access while call came.....


How about for lumia 540??


How about for lumia 540??

  • deep

When i get official update for window 10 for my lumia 730