Xiaomi Mi3 5.0 Lollipop update in testing, release imminent

15 November, 2014
We don't have a time frame for the mass market release just yet, but it shouldn't be long now.

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  • rex

Im really excited about this update.. can't wait!...

I love Mi3.

  • rex

im really excited about this one.... i really love mi3.

  • ronak

Dwarakanadh, 17 Nov 2014What about Redmi 1S?Who cares for 1s it a cheap phone so no update

  • Dwarakanadh

What about Redmi 1S?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-274433, 16 Nov 2014thank you xiaomi... proud to be a mi3 ownerHmmmmmmm

  • AnonD-331943

Guys its possible that we have L running on Mi3 because is the only Miui developer and having Kernel source code with him. So untill he is having kernel source he will make it happen soon. Dont fotget he is the one having AOSP ROM successfully running on Mi3 none of other CM based working yet.

  • Luka M

abhi, 16 Nov 2014Image shows Ivan, developer of the AOSP kk, Then its not from M... moreYea, it's not. Dude might work for Xiaomi since he released the AOSP 4.4 (that was crap) that was compiled on the kernel source but this is no indication that Xiaomi is making a L release for the Mi3. By my estimate Xiaomi Mi3 won't see L until well into 2015. gsmarena should have checked their source, English one preferably like MIUI ROM official Facebook page :D

  • AnonD-274433

thank you xiaomi... proud to be a mi3 owner

  • AnonD-328637

AnonD-20358, 15 Nov 2014In your dreams...Ur the one whose really dreaming,bro.

  • Yashwanth

abhi, 16 Nov 2014Image shows Ivan, developer of the AOSP kk, Then its not from M... moreYup it is indeed AOSP as I think coz there's no MIUI version shown

  • abhi

Image shows Ivan, developer of the AOSP kk,
Then its not from Mi I think

  • Ramu

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2014Just incase you don't know, MIUI have 2 kind of development OS. ... moreMy mi3 is running kit kat 4.4.4 but MIUI 5v..I downloaded MIUI 6 version but can't install. When will MIUI6 be available in India.?

  • lolitha

its a nice featured phone but having the rumors on correpting the data ..... to avoid such rumors about the phone?????

  • AnonD-252032

AnonD-222610, 15 Nov 2014Made in China phone wins the smartphone market How ironic?What is ironic? Almost all phones including iPhone and Samsung are made in China!

  • AnonD-252032

Weekly updated happen only for developer release which isn't fully tested and hence is expected to be buggy. If you don't want it you can always stick with stable which isn't updated so often.

Dunno where you have been, but MI3 comes with Android 4.4.2 out of the box.

  • kkn54

[deleted post]i-phone also made in china!!

  • AnonD-87374

"though the quality of the Chinese makerís after-sale support has often been questioned."

Maybe it's because I'm an expat in Shanghai, but after I bricked my Mi3, I popped into the local Xiaomi shop, and they had it fixed in an hour with absolutely no charge.

Couldn't be happier. I've given the Mi4 a miss because it's not enough of an upgrade over the Mi3, but I'm already throbbing with excitement at the prospect of the Mi5. :D

  • AnonD-130749

[deleted post]Nobody cares.. :-@

AnonD-20358, 15 Nov 2014Well smart user, Xiaomi phones have not even seen Android 4.3 wh... morestupid mi 3 running on latest version 4.4.4 lol don't judge yourself without knowing real fact