Nokia is done with phones but has new product coming up

17 November, 2014
Nokia just teased a new product on its Facebook page with #thinkahead and #Slush14. What is it?

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  • Ank

This could be a coffee table or a sofa? ;-)

  • Anonymous

(Sorry for my bad english)

I WAS a big fan of nokia.
I am truly sorry for them and will never turn my head for them anymore.
The story begin when maemo os was developing in same level with newly born android os. I was one of people who is keep the faith towards nokia. Then nokia simply abandoned maemo os, cut all his loyal customer with a smartphone that will never get any update and that time i just feel very upset. It just felt like nokia said to you with very annoying face, "thank you for your money, take that shit, hahaha (whatsoever)". I think maemo is such a good os.
Then it goes to meego and they really left maemo smartphone like a trash. And then what?? Meego get the same story.

I was and i am really upset with Nokia. You just simply throw away your loyal customer without even look back even once. I am sure im not the only one that have this feeling..
NOKIA.. until now i cant believe why such a big company can make such idiot mistake.
You take the result now, going nowhere and trying from zero again. Goodluck for you.


Your big fan... WAS!!

(Sorry for my bad english)

  • NJ

Biggest question is why didn't Nokia go for Android in the first place itself.... They had enough time rather then giving away their business to Microsoft who will just make peanuts out of Nokia's technology. Why Nokia Why????

  • hoho

I hope when Nokia come back into smartphone industry, they come back with a bang. They sure has time for it

  • Anonymous

new OS???

  • AnonD-11164

I really really hope NOKIA will start producing smartphones again after the contractual obligations are done. Was really bummed when I heard they got acquired by Microsoft. Maybe next time they will choose the appropriate mobile platform.

  • x

Stark industries should purchase Nokia and produce a 3D Hologram!xD

  • Anonymous

Probably a compact & portable UHD projector that can sync with smartphones...

Smth like the Nexus Player perhaps?

  • chocobo

Its that possible jolla + nokia = the new revolution?

  • yio

'Nokia is done with phones' I'm so glad to hear that Nokia Lumia Smartphones Are Disappointing and I'll never buy Nokia phones again after several defected products took me money & time. Amen.

  • Mike.m

So is the Lumia 535, the last Nokia Phone, at least for a long time?

  • Sekki

Beside high quality phone, Nokia expertise are on Here Maps and photography/camera.
So I guess that box should be either a high-tech camera or smart gps/map device.

Smartwatch is possible, ARM processor is their expertise.
Home automation is also possible, Nokia expertise in communication industry could be applied to connected device in home automation.

HTPC is highly unlikely, Nokia never mess with PC world.
TV is possible, I still had old Nokia-branded TV back from '95 :D

  • AnonD-59657

Without smart devices, this is not Nokia but Deadkia.

according to the agreement, nokia cant use its name on any product that gives direct competition to the microsoft till 2016 so this is definitely not a gaming console as microsoft has xbox........cant be any wearables too as microsoft is working on der own wearables.......
nokia should keep working on a smartphone for mid 2016.
they have more den a year to make something incredible.
i hope that nokia keep making high quality accessories in d mean tym and keep d brand alive

  • AnonD-296057

-hope nokia return... with android os... android which can change symbian os... for sure nokia will bevthe king of smartphone again...

  • matt00112233

They'll open a new fast food restaurant

  • Ricky

Nokia has started making smart lunch boxes......

Please be right...Please!!!

  • Onion

its a Paper weight for all your documents