iOS 8.1.1 now rolling out, has fixes for iPhone 4s and iPad 2

17 November, 2014
The new software version doesn't bring with it any new features, it's focused on crushing bugs.

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  • sg

Muthu, 18 Nov 2014Even in updates, apple's strategy seems to be to make money by m... moreThe management of Apple should undergo "enhanced" interrogation to find out the truth. If your allegations are found to be true, they should be locked up for life.

  • Anonymous

Nadia, 18 Nov 2014See, how much Apple love its customers unlike others companyall companies in US (or Europe) love their customers. they don't do that in most other countries.

  • Anonymous

I just updated my iPhone 4s to 8.1.1 and its working fine.
The update was done succesfuly witout any problems.

I don't understand why others have issues when they update their phone. I guess they don't do the right thing or they're just making stories to put a bad image on the new update that apple has done.

  • Anonymous

kourosh, 18 Nov 2014i have charge problem with ios 8.1 and later version8.1.1 on my ... moreThere might be a problem with the battery of your phone.

  • Anonymous

I updated and it works exatly the same no changes, somewhere I think it's even laggier than it was on 8.1.

  • Anonymous

Its really embarrassing to see so many updates. Apple please just test more before release. My ipad2 battery life got a serious hit with this update. ..

  • Rahul

After updateing my Iphone 5s To ios 8.1.1 the usabel memory is now reduced to 11.4

  • AnonD-205659

Muthu, 18 Nov 2014I agree with you. After IOS 8 update, my ipad air has become uns... moreTake it to the apple store if you can. They'll check the crash reports and if it can't be fixed, they should replace it for you.

  • AnonD-205659

Muthu, 18 Nov 2014Even in updates, apple's strategy seems to be to make money by m... moreIf it crashes that much, carry it to the apple store.
They'll check the crash reports, and if it reported some crashes that are unfixable, they'll replace your device even if its out of warranty or bought in a different country.

My brother bought a 5s and it constantly crashed every day. He took it to the apple store in a different country and they replaced it instantly without any questions.

  • Nadia

See, how much Apple love its customers unlike others company

  • Aditya

Ios 8.1.1 is awesome as my iPad 2 doesn't lagg at all. But when I updated it to IOS 8 then it was lagging just like a tortoise trottle.But thanks to Apple tht they give my iPad 2 a new life

  • AnonD-332583

I updated my 4S from 8.1 to 8.1.1 via iTunes last night and it was a bit of a disaster. (Mine wasn't jailbreaked, just a vanilla Apple 8.1!) I'm on 10.9.5, iTunes, on a MBP 2.7GHz i7, 16Gb RAM. I kept getting an error 14, which is apparently caused by USB problems. I have no other USB problems otherwise than with this upgrade. Anyway, in the end I was prompted to wipe the 4S back to factory settings, switched cables and, the update still wouldn't install. Then I reverted to booting from a month old HD iphone backup, and managed to get factory settings going again, reinstalled 4S backup, and reinstalled a few apps which for some reason, went missing. Altogether took about 3 or 4 hours of messing around.
This morning though, with 8.1.1 installed, and almost everything back, there is a definite performance improvement. My original 8 upgrade was a disaster, as was the 8.1 fix. Both were horribly slow, heavy on memory use, and loads of apps crashed. So far, no problems, and while I'm not sure it's back to pre-8 performance, it seems much, much better.
Why was it so much pickier about USB cables? No idea. Given that my cables are original Apple cables, 3 years old, even with that poor quality, fraying problem that they all seem to have, there should have been no problem. Not even sure if it was that, but before the 8 upgrade I never had a performance nor USB problem.
I've read in other places that it's better to backup, wipe to factory settings and then restore apps, so that's what I probably should have done, and in the end what I had to do.

  • kourosh

i have charge problem with ios 8.1 and later version8.1.1 on my iphone 4s because it doesnt fullcharge atall and it will be empty very fast

  • james

I still haven't installed OS 8.1.1 on my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 but even with the old version of iOS 8 they both run very well. The trick to get a good performance out of ip4 and ipad2 is to erase all content and settings first, install iOS 8 and then restore your stuff after installation. When I installed iOS 8 without erasing it was really slow and almost unusable. I have also noticed that leaving 6 gb of memory free or more it runs even better. There is of course a little lag from time to time but I had that on iOS 7, too. iOS 8 offers a lot more features so I can live with a little slowness. The fact is that I enjoy both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 more than on any older iOS version.

  • AnonD-322679

installation on the way on my iphone 4s. Hopefully it will be good.............:)

  • Anonymous

The update breathed new life into my iPad 2, it actually runs fairly well now on iOS 8.1.1, especially when compared to the laggy and crashy experience prior to the update.

Battery life has taken a significant hit for my case however

  • AnonD-274424

AnonD-128577, 18 Nov 2014still laggy as hell.Apple gave a statement regarding update's, ios 8 and iphone's that they are 'LAGGY'. They themselves can't deny the fact than why ifans keep trolling

  • AnonD-274424

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2014I think you are using iTunes and not the OTA.While updating it via ota it doesn't change the size of the update so if done via itunes or ota doesn't change anything.So if its 1.4 Gb means it is 1.4 gb

  • AnonD-128577

still laggy as hell.

  • Anonymous

AFRA, 18 Nov 2014IOS 8.1.1 in my iphone 4s is 1.4 GB? What the F***I think you are using iTunes and not the OTA.