Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets a stability-oriented update

21 November, 2014
With a size of 137MB, the update is focused on improving performance and currently rolls out in Europe.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2014Don't need any negative comments the phone speaks for itself. You're right. It does speak for itself. That's why people with brains know is the best available

  • AnonD-275236

Note 4 is awesome with 805 SOC , just waiting for Note 4 lollipop update so that I can get HEVC (H.265) Hardware or Native Decoding up to 4K resolution. As S805 SOC is capable but Android Kitkat media framework do not support HEVC HW Decoding

  • Anonymous

Touchwiz = LAG.

  • tyla

not sure if I got the update.... but my s pen does not operate in the same way as it did before. can no longer get the keyboard. can only write in longhand.

Samsung should do something like HTC sense. It will be success with a lag free os:)

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2014Welcome to the world of Samsung!!! Get use to it, this is very c... moreIt's true and sad. I used the Alpha wich is a great phone, but Touchwiz is large period. But if u turn of animations in developer settings, it actually helps a bit :). Ps. Design wise it's a real beauty

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2014That doesn't make sense.. So what if you can change the icons ET... moreAs compared to what? Your buggy, crashing, lagging iPhone? IPhone has some lag, android barely has lag, but iPhone crashes more and has more bugs.
And you can't change all those options

  • Anonymous

rock, 22 Nov 2014u guys only last to receive android lollilop after moto g1 g2 an... moreMeanwhile the s3 on kitkat is running good and is the ornery android oems catching up to samsung in updates. So what. You get lollipop a tiny bit sooner because you don't have everything the note offers. ...
I'm sure so many note users are devastated. ... wait. .. just you.

  • Anonymous

Less Features, Less Lagging..
More Running, More Drain..

If you want Less Lagging and Less Features go to Apple,
If want more features n everyday use..
Absolutely Samsung..
You can disable unused features to get fast what apple did..

  • rock

c2k01, 21 Nov 2014At least , We know that Samsung is still maintaining there lates... moreu guys only last to receive android lollilop after moto g1 g2 and all other models received. Samsung very very slow in updating os.. As a user of samsung s3 hereafter I wont buy Samsung products... after reset also touchwiz lags without installing any apps , but it takes 4-5 seconds to open contacts gallery... we cant able to do open contacts at an emergency situation.Samsung touchwiz is d worst touch wiz I ever used.. bcoz of delay update and touchwiz lag only samsung mobile sales drops... and also Samsung officially stated they are going only few models in 2015......

I have not yet received any update for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2014That doesn't make sense.. So what if you can change the icons ET... morebeen using s2 for 2 years now, well, i play around with the themes, icons, launchers, and such, to make its feel more like 'home' without any lag.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77443, 21 Nov 2014LOL. Unlike your iPhone, android allows you to change the launch... moreThat doesn't make sense.. So what if you can change the icons ETC on you laggy android phone, that doesn't help the performance of your laggy phone.. That will make you phone laggy much..LOL

  • AnonD-77443

AnonD-299124, 21 Nov 2014Too bad they cant update that ugly UILOL. Unlike your iPhone, android allows you to change the launcher, add icon packs, add home screed widgets, live wall papers, customise lock screens, rename apps etc. And the new settings email, calendar, messaging apps, camera apps have been improved a lot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2014Best Phone Ever 2014i agree with u mate, i have one and all the phone says keep using me awesome, best what samsung did

  • Anonymous

Best Phone Ever 2014

  • Android Man

At least there doing something about it. Me personally I love Samsung products. and they bring updates to sort out issues. which is good. Yes touch wiz can be laggy. but I look forward to Lollipop.

  • Anonymous

GetUrOWN, 21 Nov 2014Haterrrrrssssszzz!!! go! samsung!The truth hurts! Is touchwiz is so well optimised, how come everytime updates for stability are needed?
People always complain about lag on these phones.

  • AnonD-333834

This is the best smartphone in the world : I have had 4 a week now. Samsung rocks


  • same

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2014and still apple fans waiting for an update to solve bending body issueplus camera IS problems whit 6+