Panasonic DMC-CM1 will go on sale in the UK on December 1

24 November, 2014
The capable camera packing Android smartphone was initially set to launch in France and Germany only.

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  • AnonD-335482

You're talking about the same sensor as used in the Sony RX100 series and the Nikon 1 series, both of which are recognized as class leading cameras that professionals regularly use to augment their heavy DSLR kits. Couple that with glass from Leica and this phone promises to wipe the floor with almost every other cameraphone (Lumia 1020 is the only realistic comparison I can think of, right now). For what it's worth, the 1020 has a sensor 1/3rd smaller and many more pixels, so the only way the Nokia can keep up with the noise characteristics of this sensor is to output at lower resolutions by oversampling.

Not having a Xenon flash is a bit of a drawback, but smartphone users seem to have adapted to that fairly well.

It'll depend on Panasonic's firmware, but this is a very desirable product in theory.

  • AnonD-183343

what a joke !! No Xenon No OIS.. would not even bother to look at this 900$ piece of joke !!

  • Anonymous

Panasonic CM1 is trully amazing. Miles superior in quality from mobile handsets garbage. Panasonic does not need to sell mobile phones to prove their superiority. They RE NOT simple consumer electronics company thus they DONT just sell TVs,gadgets and handsets. They re discovering making and sharing new ways of technology. From TVs,cameras,camcorders,cell batteries for cars,avionics,photovoltaic systems,industrial robots etc. They want to offer the our case the best is picture. THIS IN NOT A PHONE THIS IS THE BEST COMPACT CAMERA with phone elements included. Those who want the very best in picture quality will buy it...myself included.for the others there re many many ordinary mediocres in the market.

  • jameel

Another nonsense from panasonic, they think to makeup for all the losses by selling mobiles

benny, 25 Nov 2014very expensive phone nokia 1020 310€ better than panasonicIt's certainly good enough not to worry about other cameras, except maybe for its shot-to-shot time.
Other than that...
"Gun to head … time to come up with a number. How many years are smartphones behind the best $2,000 DSLRs? Comparing detail resolved, I'll say the iPhone 5S currently sits 8-9 years behind the DLSRs in bright light, while the Nokia trails by less than 6 years — probably nearer to 3. This is even when you allow the DSLRs the luxury of a $1,700 lens, and shooting in raw. In bright light, the Nokia came close to competing with the detail from the best DLSR yet made.

Step into candlelight, and the gap between phones and DSLRs widens and becomes more a matter of taste, pivoting around your preferred tradeoff between speckly noise and smeary noise reduction. From our ad-hoc panel of 15 non-photographers, the iPhone trails the DSLRs by about 10 years, and the Nokia about 8.

Splitting the difference between candlelight and daylight, around 6 years of technology has made up for the massive difference in the size of the lenses and sensors between the best phone and the $2,000 DSLRs."

But also...

"This isn’t saying that the Nokia is a better camera than a 2007 Canon EOS 40D. It’s not. Detail makes up just a tiny fraction of the goodness of a camera, and none of what makes it a pleasure to use. The Nokia is much slower, can’t focus on moving targets, can’t easily defocus part of the picture, can’t change the perspective and feel of pictures by zooming or changing lenses, and can’t capture the same range of brightness in one shot that the latest SLRs can. Yet."

  • benny

very expensive phone nokia 1020 310€ better than panasonic

  • AnonD-167648

I wish Sony would do this, too. I just bought a new phone, so not in the market for a new one now, but I'll be looking very closely at what Panasonic will do with this series over the next 2 years, and probably get the latest one then.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 6 and this CM1 and ALL my needs are met.

  • dillame

MdN8, 25 Nov 2014Xenon?thats the dealbreaker for me

AnonD-259899, 25 Nov 2014You don't need it. The noise control is that good for a sma... moreAgreed, but in some cases, even with the better dynamic range on this Panasonic (let's say moving objects, backlight portrait - even in daylight - etc) you still probably need Xenon or you get a blurry pic - or no pic at all. There's a reason why "normal" cameras come with it. I have one on my N8 and a Canon gathering dust somewhere in my room, and I haven't noticed that I "don't" need a Xenon on the Canon.
Also, OIS would have been handy.
With Nokia's PureView pair (808, 1020) the default resolution is 5 MP, not 38, so you basically use 7 pixels to create one by oversampling (or whatever Nokia's term for it is) and that's still a lot of light gathering and one does expect a near-DSLR quality. At least a DSLR from a few years ago.
And, Rich Audio Recording which is useful for recording live bands and other noisy situations. So, Nokia cameras still have some things going for them.
Having said that, I wouldn't mind having this Panasonic.

  • AnonD-259899

MdN8, 25 Nov 2014Xenon?You don't need it. The noise control is that good for a smartphone camera. The standard LED flash light is more than enough to keep noise low.

Ofcourse don't expect DSLR quality from this smartphone.

AnonD-259899, 25 Nov 2014LOL you have no clue about imaging technology then. No Noki... moreXenon?

  • AnonD-259899

OldestCivilisation, 25 Nov 2014Still nothing compared to Nokia Pureview, this will always ... moreLOL you have no clue about imaging technology then. No Nokia phone comes close to this. This was really expected that it would be above anything in the smartphone world. The sheer size of the pixels alone gives it an advantage. The software dept has also done a good job, you need to go and see the sample shots on flckr

Image quality is hardly a worry for Panasonic, the real issue is that this phone will cost an arm and a leg to buy. The chances of success with such a really high price is slim as people can buy stuff like Sony RX100 II or something instead.

  • jay


  • Anonymous

I really hope the provide an update to record 4k at 30fps or at least 24fps.

OIS would have been nice. Wish there was more samples and comparisons available.

  • Anonymous

OldestCivilisation, 25 Nov 2014Still nothing compared to Nokia Pureview, this will always ... moreProve it.
it has half the pixels but the sensor is much larger and the pixels are almost double the size

  • Grawity

Wery nice design and niche device....y hope.

  • AnonD-221557

Thx ! No more need to wp !!!

Any chance for a review? =]

  • Grawity

Wery nice design and niche device....y hope.