Sony will release fewer devices in bid to turn a profit

25 November, 2014
The Japanese company now plans comprehensive cuts to its smartphone lineup, among others.

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  • AnonD-131136

Xperia Z4 Alumunium body 5.5 inch 1440p LED IPS display S810 4GB RAM 3500Mah Android 5.0 S master amp noise cancellation IP67 cert. Make this Sony and you'll have a winner.

  • A

You are all dreaming. There are NO better looking devices than the glass Sonys. They are just gorgeous. If you had one you would know that you are not holding one of the rest.

  • arik

Sony never thinks abt those customers who had purchased midrange phones....they are only cncrnd abt flagships....they never give latest update to midrange m an owner of xperia L...nd out f d box i gt 4.1.2 nd d latest update s 4.2.2....come on sony...i thght dat atleast we wld get kitkat time no sony...!!! Seriously sony think abt ur customers !!!

  • AnonD-85136

Sony is the best

  • AnonD-86047

They haven't realize yet people don't like glass body mobile so yeah you'd better close down

  • AnonD-31288

And those fewer devices will be with high prize tags and less functions compared to rival products, they wont be able to survive in another few years. There smart phone business will face a very bad fall out in the upcoming years it seems. Xperia line up comes with so much hype and advertisements which the flagships continue as z,z1,z2,z3 and soon z4 which will be useless because almost all of them comes with stock looking android os with less functions and boring looks. Once i moved to a xperia z from a galaxy s3 and that was a big mistake. The xperia android suite came with terrible boring stock looks the sensors in the phone haven't been used for certain functions properly means it doesn't even have flip to mute capability which can be easily implemented like in samsung and htc. the gorilla glass felt like its plastic when touching it. the front and back took scratches really easily and then the flaps which covers the usb and headphone jack started peeling off from the rubberized water seal ends after few months of use. The external speaker was very low in volume i cant even hear the person on the other end speaking when i try the speaker phone out side home at maximum sound level. Wow thanks a lot for the perfect quality sony i'm pretty sure it was continued for the rest of the xperia z line up.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-282298, 26 Nov 2014Are we headed towards economic slowdown,every business is going ... moreWhat???

  • CAli

AnonD-209094, 26 Nov 2014Hey wait, Sony want a profit? Cant tell from their non-sense mid... moreObviously you have too much time on your hands since your posting is gibberish!!!

  • AnonD-282298

Are we headed towards economic slowdown,every business is going down.The economic pundits are so fools they can never predict the collapse before its done.Is 2008 coming again.

  • AnonD-209094

MasEnha, 26 Nov 2014Sony was actually very good company with solid products. But rec... moreHave to agree about quality, a Vaio broke here also, after less than a year of light usage, lucky it was still under warranty so we got it fixed but findng out that the service center had replaced the Windows install was not so nice, before it broke it had already received a Win 8.1 update, but now its stuck on Win 8, this copy is not upgradeable!! Wtf... Very weak performance by Sony service.

Hope the new Vaio under new owners will improve on this and make them available outside Japan. I really like the premium looks and feels of Vaio but seems they are far from premium on the inside and has utterly incompetent service crew.

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-77892, 26 Nov 2014IMO the Z3. and Z3 compact was made very cheap! Sony is downgrad... moreYes they removed the metal frame, its now a cheap plastic phone and still it was introduced here at a higher initial price.

Maybe not fair compare it to iPhone 4 or 4s, those are still among the worlds best looking phones with the most premium feel to ever be built, even the Z1 Compact looked like a cheap brick in comparison but it is quite problematic that a 2010 phone is that much better built than when you look at the outrageous price of Z3c (it is after all a midranger, only the chipset is high end), true. I guess your friend should have done what most people is doing, buy iPhone 6 or Galaxy Alpha instead.

  • DyfrosteR

I think that profit down is due to water proof that make xperia phone $400 or $500 to listen music like a hell,
That make Walkman application is useless of the quality of speaker...

  • AnonD-209094

Hey wait, Sony want a profit? Cant tell from their non-sense midrange lineup with nonsense prices, who would have guessed.

And if they wanted a sucessful model, why then is the Z3 Compact a downgraded Z1 Compact? The metal frame is gone, same old midrange display resolution, its a midranger with a high end chipset, and the chipset was the only thing that didnt need an upgrade in Z1 Compact, it was already ridiculously powerful. Why not upgrade the display, the one thing that would have made a very noticeable improvement? Really doesnt look like they wanna sell, and guess what? They arent.

Looks like its all planned, place some showstopper in every phone to make sure it doesnt sell well, then to further annoy existing Xperia owners to make sure they do not buy Xperia next time around they made the Whats New app on the Home up-swipe impossible to remove for the average user, not exactly customer friendly i would say.

After owning lots of Xperia devices since Sony Ericsson i have left them and see no reason why i would go back to an Xperia. Sony isnt showing any skill in positioning devices, I think the average commenter here could have done the job just as well or better.

  • someone

stop cheating your customers by promising updates and then not honoring it. you are turning away years of loyal customers and expecting to make profit.

  • Anonymous

Slayer, 26 Nov 2014Yup! the typical ifan boy, the fruit company upsizes the iPhone ... moreSeemed more like he was being sarcatic about apple changing tham an ifan :P :P

  • AnonD-286474

Sony has the potential, something went wrong with 2014 non Z series phones at the top management level.

The M, C and T series have terrible successors at higher prices. The only good non flagship phone that is overall better is the E series but the competition is crazy at that level especially due to Moto, WP 5XX/6XX and Chinese brands.

Even after buying their phones at such high prices you end up with terrible after sales service.

Sony has lots of things to work on, working on fewer devices is a good start.

  • Anonymous

I love my Z3. However, it is wise for them to trim down their line-up. Focus on two high-end devices (Z4 and Z4 Compact) and provide software support for at least 2 years.

  • Kaka, Cambodia

I like Z series such as z, z1, z2, z3 but why z1,2,3... compact or something... complicated... it's boring even the name

  • AnonD-259899

Sony phones are too pricey, especially the flagships even when compared to Samsung months after the phones are launched into the market. They lower end phones are nothing special with little or no updates to the OS after the first release.

These decisions are not taken by engineers, these decisions are taken by utterly useless MBAs or some ivy league business school grad type execs. Spending bullets to dispatch these low lifes would be a waste of bullets, such is the nature of their sheer worthlessness.

  • Anonymous

One flagship, one mid-rang, and one entry level: 3 phones every year. :)