Sony will release fewer devices in bid to turn a profit

25 November, 2014
The Japanese company now plans comprehensive cuts to its smartphone lineup, among others.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2014Very true, their marketing strategy is bad. I can rarely find th... moreYour talk like some talk like fact, you never own a Sony device if i look your attitude against Sony, Sony phone's has very strong realiable better than enything else, you talk trash without any arguments to support your claim.

If some company does build bad quality it shamesung, those are those product wuith many problems what i have experience.

Bad build quality, bad screen mis color reproduction you can namend, it is frustrated that Shamesung paid many reviewers to support their dirty trick.

  • booker

Good work Sony, keep your lineup small and concentrate on these devices.

  • Anonymous

NJ, 25 Nov 2014The marketing strategy for Sony is really bad. They rarely reduc... moreVery true, their marketing strategy is bad. I can rarely find their devices in Canada but I do find nearly all of Samsung's. Sony rarely reduces prices (they're too expensive) and their smartphones have terrible reliability! So many complaints..

  • red

NJ, 25 Nov 2014The marketing strategy for Sony is really bad. They rarely reduc... more­XZ3D5803/cat-27-catid-Android-Smartphone?vva_Col­orCode=BC009&_t=pfm%3Dsearch thats the link for the Z3 compact

  • Anonymous

we would like GSMARENA to be "best friends" of mobile wireless communications by driving the urgent need for QUALITY handsets and networks services -TRUE LTE - adapting to the fast changing needs of younger generations -true multimedia affordable ..

  • NJ

The marketing strategy for Sony is really bad. They rarely reduce prices while competing with the current market trend. Their tablets are hard to find nor it is reasonable. Where is xperia z tablet compact anyways??. They should have good devices in mid range section with competitive pricing. With 8gb internal memory Sony cannot gain much profit. Rethink Sony, you have everything to throw at... Come up with a dust and waterproof midrange phone with decent specs and price and I am sure you will gain some profit.

  • dododo

Yep. Meaningless updates every few months, mostly changing model numbers and a few irrelevant specs only serves to aggravate current customers, eats into good support and costs much more than its worth.

Now if only Samsung stops spewing the same ugly phones with slight modifications, so we can stop getting flooded on GSMArena.

  • Amazon

As it stated they don't care about market share, it shows they really are focusing on the products and customer instead of only focusing on net profits. Kudos

  • AnonD-178450

They invested in camera technology, it is paying them now. They got rid of display divisions, it bit them in their back.

  • AnonD-174449

Well sony wont be long and the rest will follow suit.too many phones flòoding the market as it is.charging an arm and a leg for them when in theory were still in a resession,

  • CAli

Yes Sony... Looking forward 2015!
And Sony Z4 Ultra!!!

  • AnonD-196615

Samsung is doing the same.

  • AnonD-77292

Samsung should learn from this move..