Huawei Honor 6 Plus (6X) comes on Dec.16, priced at $536

28 November, 2014
The new smartphone bearing the Honor brand has had more of its details revealed today.

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  • aniaremere

mav3rick, 29 Nov 2014Beware - it will 'steal' your 'valuable' data and hand 'em over ... moreas opposed to getting them to Google and using them for whatever they want :)

  • AnonD-72853

Gimmicky dual-camera setup...

  • Anonymous

I suspect the battery won't be removable, but if it is, it will probably be worth the money

  • mav3rick

Beware - it will 'steal' your 'valuable' data and hand 'em over to the country that produces them :)

  • Gibby

Screen size?
Availability in the western world?