Lollipop beta gets shown on Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S4 GPE

01 December, 2014
There's no information regarding the exact date for launch of either update just yet.

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  • AnonD-265900

Just playing with people, it's about 2 weeks that the Moto X 2014 and G 2014 running Lollipop but none of a Samsung phone running it. It will be so until next year January 2015 still full of bugs because they is too much to do because of Touchwiz UI and to adapt it to the new material design of Lollipop.

  • cuadra

this update seems really nice,themes are somethyn i´ve been wait´n for a long time, i hope this arrive soon in my S5

  • AnonD-337093

Its Note 3, not Note 4.

  • Who i am

Plz lollypop .. come to s5 fast !!