Asus X002 with 64-bit CPU and LTE uncovered

03 December, 2014
TENAA and GFX Bench contribute info about the X002, which has a 5" 720p screen and an 8MP camera.

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  • deba

when can i except asus zenphone series 2 x002 model in india??

another question is is there any site through which i can buy asus zenphone 5 500kl model in india?????

please kindly let me know.i am crazy about asus !!!!!

  • were

that how "customer friendly" they are !!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 201464 bit wont do anything for the poor specs and screen.A 720p is in most cases more than enough for a cell phone. I agree that 1080p or higher would look better but in my opinion, going past 720p yields diminishing returns while wasting battery. Battery life is terrible as it is, and should not be made worse with 'too good' components.

  • Anonymous

64 bit wont do anything for the poor specs and screen.

  • Aiden

The only problem with Asus is that firmware updates are provided only to the phones that are in the market. Once they stop selling, then bye bye to updates.

  • AnonD-204006

2160p (8.3MP 16:9) exceeds 8MP 4:3...

  • gmharkuz

go Asus Philippines

  • stark

nice,i am waiting.

  • OMK

the product is omk

  • vanchi


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