Apple is on its way to a record quarter thanks to iPhone 6

03 December, 2014
The Cupertino giant has experienced significant jump in sales in most of its major markets.

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  • AnonD-175158

"Only 5% switched from Samsung"????

Only???? Haha

Let say, if Apple would sell 60 milion iPhones in Dec quorte (and they will do that for sure) 5% would mean that 3,000,000 Samsung users dumped their phones for iPhones!

Thats a hell of a lot!!!!!!!!!!! NOT "only"!!!!

Copycat Sam in trouble

  • AnonD-133243

iphone continues to be the "status phone". they need just to make a minor change of design for every coming model (in order that people can recognize this is the latest model), increase further the price and, voilaaa, boom of sales! who cares about specs and stuff afterall? iphone can make calls, open facebook and play games. its enough. and show others you got an expensive thingie. well, good for apple, they have a very good coolness factor.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014That's why you should do some research rather than quoting specs... moreWell said

  • Anonymous

MithrandirX, 04 Dec 2014It's impressive how much Apple looks like a religion when you re... moreIt does same thing to fandroids... They are much heart affected with every good news about Apple when GSM arena posted here... See like this news, negative comments from android fans are flooding...what's that for? Why not praise instead? Woudn't you be happy if somebody or someone is improving? For fandroids nope they won't... Because they have this crab mentality...who ever goes up they drag it down...

This is because they are jealous, envying of what someone have reached...right?

Now nobody cares if iPhone isn't fits your desire...why care to tell everybody? Why not just buy the phone that suits you and satisfies you, than giving your precious nonsense comments and telling everybody that iPhone users sucks and Apple sucks...well it really implies that you are just trolling here..arent you? Lol

  • Anonymous

Contract , 04 Dec 2014Ok as part man part machine (Not ANDROID 100% Cyborg!)I just don... moreThat's why you should do some research rather than quoting specs..
Just one of the differences in case you didn't relaize you just said 32 bit iphone 5 is same as 64 bit iphone 6.
Also iphone has nfc. Though it is restricted to apple pay. But saying it doesn't is wrong in all senses as a cyborg like you should understand.
Also everyone except Samsung (including google) want to move away from micro sd..

And iphone 6/6+ has 'ion hardened glass' which for all we know might be made and supllied by corning (makers of gorilla glass) as they hold the patent for it..

And apple has always (since iphone 1 to 6 except the 5c and 6+) had the same price for the device. Unlike samsung who increase the price with each generation.

Please do you research a bit better Mr. Cyborg.

  • Contract

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014Well done Apple. The new attitude of Apple in listening more to ... moreOk as part man part machine (Not ANDROID 100% Cyborg!)I just don't get it even with my positronic brain)

There are many like me who won't move to IOS as this is a retrograde move.

There is no denying that Apple are generating these sale figures.

What annoys humans Cyborgs and Android alike is that the Orchard dwellers always quote benchmarks when these surpass that if an Android device in the few instances when they head the charts.

Not mentioned where the IPhone lacks completely a feature on an iPhone.

Fyi benchmarks do NOT make up for a missing feature, contrary to popular belief iPhones do NOT have NFC

Samsung showed genius in going from plastic to metal in the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and complete stupidity in REMOVING microSD expansion from a flagship phone.

The Alpha WITH microSD imo would have provided an upgrade to iPhone users who simply have been denied any features that count as an upgrade

Clearly iPhones are being sold by word of mouth and not by anyone who knows how to use phone comparison

I DIDN'T see the Tim Cook presentation but he could have saved time by saying that the iPhone56 is a larger display iPhone5­10&idPhone2=6378

This is the record selling phone, this is what 2 years or 730 days of innovation gets you.

Apple have just recycled the same specs and charged you more, anyone on contract with an iPhone6 will in 2016 be using a phone with specs launched in 2012

In the UK all the TV adverts just mention bigger, Apple can't say better as it is the same phone

Every year Apple it's more hype as to what will be included.
iPhone fan are so loyal they will keep buying it, without going to Gsmarena!

iPhone6S will (may or could) include Gorilla glass

  • Anonymous

MithrandirX, 04 Dec 2014Yeah, I agree there are fanatics in both camps, but I rarely see... moreWell if you have android fanboys calling you sheeps/stupid/dumb for no reason, you will have to comment back won't you? :P
I've seen much worse android fanboyism too though..

  • MithrandirX

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014Well cameras are a peculiarly subjective thing. If you go around... moreIndeed, it is quite subjective.

I would say it's the other way around though.. pictures taken in good light look better on the S5 for me.

  • Anonymous

MithrandirX, 04 Dec 2014Best camera : I have a hard time believing that, especially sinc... moreWell cameras are a peculiarly subjective thing. If you go around looking at comparisons done side by side (by android websites mond you) you will find quite a few concluding that the iphone 6 is superior in daylight shots whereas the s5 wins it in the low light.

  • MithrandirX

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014Android too has its share of fanatics.. As a matter of fact I se... moreYeah, I agree there are fanatics in both camps, but I rarely see fanatics as bad as the one we can see in these comments.. it's like their life depends on what people think of their phone..

  • Anonymous

MithrandirX, 04 Dec 2014It's impressive how much Apple looks like a religion when you re... moreAndroid too has its share of fanatics.. As a matter of fact I see more people bashing Apple than those bashing Android products.
Sadly those bashing apple only have arguments like 'iphone has 2010 specs' etc to talk about. And well someone has to correct them.
Sad part is I being an android user have to correct the ignorance of my fellow android users cos they are just blind apple haters..

How to identify a random:
1. Reads the specs and he's sold
2. Reads the specs and he's ready to fight, no matter that he doesn't understand a thing what those really mean.
3. Jumps to GSA and posts like mad without a clue, talking specs, but no real evidence to support his claims.

If you see someone falling in three categories, you've met a random, just ignore or it might kill itself if you argue with him.

  • MithrandirX

It's impressive how much Apple looks like a religion when you read the comments of some fanatics..
You would think we are hurting their beliefs when you see the reactions.. it's just unbelievable.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, but next year I might have a LG or HTC if they improve on the areas that are important to me, or who knows, maybe even an iPhone is Apple decides to open up their golden cage (iOS).

I just want what's best for my needs at the time of purchase, and the iPhone just never was that for me.
It was HTC before (Trinity and HD2), and currently it's Samsung, since the S3 (the camera and Amoled screen being the main reason).
I have no idea which one it will be next year, especially since other brands are getting better each year :)

  • MithrandirX

dumb android user., 04 Dec 2014whats more stupid is android users who actually know nothing abo... moreBest camera : I have a hard time believing that, especially since I could see shots taken by an iPhone 6 (non plus), and I have a Galaxy S5, the S5 is still far ahead.

Best display : this is where you show your ignorance.
As you quoted, they said the iPhone 6 has the best LCD display.. do pay attention to the part "LCD".
If you search a bit more, you will notice that Amoled screens are not in that LCD category, and that the Galaxy S5 then Note 4 won the Best Overall display category.

  • Iphone 2 user

Iphone has done it again by dominating where android has failed even when you guys may continue to bash iPhone people will unswervingly purchase iPhone. iPhone my second religion

  • Mhossain98

Apple is a fantastic brand so is Samsung, Nokia. But one has to admit what apple offers at such premium price others offer better or more productive devices at a lower price.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014Why Apple hate? Simple, because their disgusting business behavior What disgusting business behavior would that be?

  • gautti

Shellshock, 04 Dec 2014Apple is Apple , the best will always have enemies Apple stands out thats why people are jealous of their success

  • Anonymous

"nobody wants big phone" "ideal size" blah blah

  • Aaa

Chinese handset maker claims Apple stole new iPhone design
Digione, a handset manufacturer in China, suedApple, Inc.for allegedly stealing its design which can be seen on the Cupertinoâs flagship devices, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
According to the open letter posted on social media site Sina Weibo (Chinese microblogging site), the iPhones were infringing on a patent grantedto Digione back in July, during the time when leaks for the Cupertino giantâs new flagship device were in full swing. The handset company tried to contact Apple via letter early this year but the company failed to respond. As a result, the company has taken to the internet to publish its case.
100+ V6 and the iPhone 6 Plus
Digione, the one who filed for the lawsuit, released a smartphone under its subsidiary brand, 100+, called the V6 a few months back and has a 5.5 Inch display with Android running the show. This smartphone, as the company says, is the result of the patent they were granted. Meanwhile, Apple refused to comment.