Xiaomi will hold a launch event in China on December 9

05 December, 2014
The Chinese tech giant might take the wraps off a budget friendly tablet with LTE network connectivity.

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  • nikolas

so what was this about guys?

  • AnonD-339518

Looking forward to see Xiaomi to join the smartphone party in the state soon, and offer the affordable high-end smartphone, then Apple and Samsung's nightmare isn't far away.

  • RedmiFan

I think it's a cooling pad for Redmi 1s.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-209094, 06 Dec 2014Its not "too" far off that it could be a climate produ... moreSame like iPad, basically just a small TV, pretty much useless.

  • Anonymous

I am guess the budget tab, Hongmi note 2, and Xiaomi TV 3, as Mi4 just launched not long ago.


Could be a smart watch.

  • Xxx

Cheap phone with a lag java os.

  • Anonymous

My guess would be budget tab, hongmi note 2, Xiaomi TV 3, I don't think Mi5 is due at this moment

  • AnonD-209094

Its not "too" far off that it could be a climate product, air cleaner or something, as what Slashgear is guessing. Many Chinese believe in miracle tech devices that can do great things, for example in some China-made buses you will see things like Air Purifiers, it actually just consist of a few blinking LEDs and is hilarious for outsiders, they take photos and have a good laugh about the whole thing but the Chinese not always so, many are convinced its some kind of maybe static electricity or beams coming out from there that magically purifies stale air in a overcrowded bus. Well, technically a static charge could ionize the air in close proximity but how creating microscopic amounts of plasma could improve the air for breathing beats me. Its nonsense but nonsense sells too, just look at Android tablets, they are almost as useless for tablet tasks as blinking LEDs are for the air and people still buy them at high prices.

Still, the chance of Slahsgear getting this one right is far fetched but just read the via-source for their reasoning.

  • conan

To be correct, that means "waiting for wind coming"

The 3 Chinese characters in that mean " wait for the wind to come".