Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360) released in India

08 December, 2014
The entry-level Android device is now listed on eBay India at a price tag of $151.

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  • riyaz madappally

a worth successor for core 2

  • Annaa

I am damn sure, they won't provide Lolipop update to this!

  • AnonD-313800

Moderate pricing for a moderate specs. Similarly price the A5 and A7 models correctly as per their features sammy!!!

  • AnonD-243873

Samsung stop this releasing of 1000 model at low prices.leave the low end to Asus nd xiaomi s they are good at providing bang for buck devices.Go only mid nd premium no low end.

  • AnonD-54777

i want a job in samsung R & D ...

just increase / decrease screen size.. dont care of the design... best job

  • nash

slowly and steadily , sammy entering into the lower range market , and by low range i mean xiaomi and lenovo levels . good one sammy

  • thenerd

I thought KitKat couldn't run on a Sammy mobile with 1GB ram....

  • AnonD-176529

So what's next? Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Neo Mega Mini Active II 4G?

  • Reza

Perfect price tag!!!