Microsoft confirms Lumia 535 touch issues, fix coming soon

14 December, 2014
Many early adopters of Lumia 535 complained about touch issues, Microsoft is prepping a fix.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2015i have a problem, i faced i so big screen problem 3 times,, i gr... morei have a problem OFscreen.
when i want to operate it the screen size will be incremented 300% more than normal screen. after restart evry thing is normal. how can i fix it

  • AnonD-359029

i also face to this problem.... what can i do for this???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2015i have a problem, i faced i so big screen problem 3 times,, i gr... moreI do face the same problem

  • Rabih

I have the touch problem also on my microsoft lumia 535. I love this phone and i am sure that Micorsoft will release update based on the bug touch.

  • craig

im having problems with typing my messages take minutes to reply a simple text

  • Anonymous

i have a problem, i faced i so big screen problem 3 times,, i grab my phone , open the screen, and i find that every thing is unbelievably big , and i cant see any thing, so i restart the phone , did any one face this problem ??

  • AnonD-358622

i have bought MS lumia535dual on 01/01/2015 and now i am having touch screen issues on it

  • sd

i hav buy the MS lumia 535 phone on 20 jan 2015,but facing touch screen problem,its blinking when typing n lock screen zoom,wifi atomically disconnected,music off when traveling. plz microsoft do something,otherwise its wastage of money buying ur new ph lumia535.

  • chadayam

This is a good phone at this -price,compare other phones of this price range&decide.I met with 3 problems (1)very low battery back up(2)heat near the rear camera(3)Inferior music quality through inbuilt speakers.I purchased this on28/01/2015,I have no severe touch problems.PROS; good build quality,good cameras,easy accessibility,user friendly.I am using windows only now,Iwas with android,felt windows is good.I hope windows will fix the problems at the earliest,hoping so

  • Anonymous

LI, 28 Jan 2015 I have purchased the lumia535,on 22/01/2015. after 24 hours pho... moreA phone only needs 2 hours of charging, you have charged so much.

  • LI

I have purchased the lumia535,on 22/01/2015. after 24 hours phone kept for charging. after charging phone not turn on. I don't know what is the exact problem. I have sent for service center, let wait and see what is next?

  • rajesh

Hi ..Guys.. i purchased lumia 535 on dec 25th.. from ther onwards when i am player suddenly stops..i went to nokia care and complain it..they told that its software update required..then i did it..after next also i am getting same problem..plzz suggest me any way to fix this..worst service from Microsoft/nokia..don't buy it..

  • Sudev

AnonD-351862, 25 Jan 2015After the multitouch issue, I went to Nokia care center and they... moreturn off the Screen magnifier. settings>ease of access>screen magnifier

  • Anonymous

Music player and fm radio doesn't work while travelling in a bus or car..plz guide how to resolve this issue.plz plz

  • Lumia 535 NewOwner

Please don't buy this phone. The display blanked out on the very third day after the purchase. I was out of station,travelling, and was literally stranded with no access to my contacts.

After reading posts in many sites, I am convinced that this is one of the worst big-brand phones in the market - if only for its many display-related problems and for its totally unhelpful support on MS website. What a waste of my money, and what a disappointment from Microsoft.

Do us a favour, and take this product off the market. Don't advertise this product and lure consumers with the specs of the phone. Shame!

I'm gonna meet the Service Centre personnel tomorrow. I swear if they give me any 'corporate BS' like warranty void or no replacement, I'm am going to the consumer court.

  • AnonD-351862

After the multitouch issue, I went to Nokia care center and they replaced the touch pad,led and upgraded the software to latest. Mostly new touch pad is working well but sometimes display is automatically magnified. I think I made worst mistake in my life. The issue cannot be fixed I think.

  • mani

aftr updatng also ..d sme touch prblm!!!! plzzz help me wt to do?

  • rananjay

raja745, 12 Jan 2015lumia 535 zooms (magnify automattically) , worst phone, any solu... moreswitched off the screen magnifier. go to settings after that ease of access.

  • Rajan

During travailing music,video stop automatically .please tell the solution ???????????????????

  • andleeb

My MS Lumia 535 also having the same music player problem on traveling, if any other solution to solve the issue?